Crosaire No 14925 by Crossheir – Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wed, Oct 31, 2012, 23:59



1 This means (means = WEALTH) the law (the law = WEALTH) put straight,

4 Came (came = MEA C-) awkwardly to Paul (Paul = -ULPA) in a way (MEA CULPA) to acknowledge one’s guilt (MEA CULPA),

9 Fish liquid (INK-) burst (-JET) (INK-JET) at the printers (INK-JET printer),

10 It’ll pay the jockey (RETAINER) and keeper (RETAINER),

12 Uses the baton (RELAY RACE uses the baton) to receive and pass on (RELAY) heat (RACE) (RELAY RACE),

13 Risible beast (howl of HYENA resembles hysterical laugh) provides laugh (H-A) to cover currency in Japan (-YEN-) (HYENA),

14 For mixing drinks (SWIZZLE STICK), Lewis (Lewis = SWI-LE) drunkenly admits snoring (-ZZ-) at club (STICK) (SWIZZLE STICK),

18 Carefree (LIGHTH-HEARTED) to match (LIGHT-) love (-HEART-) of writer (editor = -ED) (LIGHT-HEARTED),

21 Coming to an end (DYING) in vandalised dingy (dingy = DYING),

22 Is this what you call a plum job (FRUITERER) for one who grows profits on trees? (FRUITERER),

24 Veteran (OLD-TIMER) worn out (OLD-) by clock (-TIMER) (OLD-TIMER),

25 Take in (ABSORB) graduate (BA = AB-) returning so (-SO-) in touch with music (music = Rhythm & Blues = R&B =  -RB) (ABSORB),

26 Make up name (name = NEMA-) to (-TO-) give to Germany (-DE) (NEMATODE) for parasite (NEMATODE),

27 My (MY-) station (RTÉ = -RT-E) surrounds lake (-L-) (MYRTLE) with evergreen plant (MYRTLE).


1 Hands it on a plate perhaps (WAITRESS hands it on a plate) to kill time (WAIT-) around (-RE-) boat (-SS) (WAITRESS),

2 Cocaine (ALKALOID) gets keen beginner (beginning of Keen = -K-) surrounded by gangsters (Al Capone = AL-AL) to make what I do (I do = -OID) (ALKALOID),

3 Tiny (TEENY) prams missing from repayments (repayments without ‘prams’ = eyent TEENY),

5 The latest possible time (ELEVENTH HOUR) is 11am (ELEVENTH HOUR),

6 Three teas (CHA-CHA-CHA) for dance (CHA-CHA-CHA),

7 Give permission to (L-ET) hold African party (African National Congress = -ANC-) (LANCET) in Gothic arch (LANCET),

8 Regulated Ali era (Ali era = AERIAL) on the radio (AERIAL is on the radio),

11 Steal (TAKE) the (THE) meadow (FIELD) (TAKE THE FIELD) to start a fight (TAKE THE FIELD),

15 In the prevailing mood (ZEITGEIST), it’s time for Germany (time = ZEIT-) to go to Georgia (-GE-) first (1st = -IST) (ZEITGEIST),

16 Begin a journey (START OUT) provided good man (saint = ST-) has craft (-ART) to get away (OUT) (START OUT),

17 Charming (ADORABLE) to make loud sound (blare = -RABLE) after a party (A DO-) (ADORABLE),

19 Connect with (ADJOIN) father (Da = AD-) coming back to find Josephine (-JO-) in (-IN) (ADJOIN),

20 It’s only common sense (WISDOM) the dentist has some perhaps (WISDOM teeth),

23 Rather plump person (TUBBY) comes by (-BY) after bath (TUB-) (TUBBY).