Crosaire No 14924 by Crossheir – Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tue, Oct 30, 2012, 23:59



8 Heard damn (dam = WEIR-) function (-DO) (WEIRDO) produced strange sort of person (WEIRDO),

9 Space to think (HEADROOM) in the car (HEADROOM),

10 That’s not to say (DUMB) it’s foolish (DUMB),

11 Hardware store perhaps (BUCKET SHOP) sells cheap airline tickets (BUCKET SHOP),

12 Lets (lets = T-SLE) find a way around the States (-US-) (TUSSLE) in free-for-all (TUSSLE),

14 Part of Lily’s family (BLUEBELL) in Dublin (BLUEBELL),

15 Provides great deal of support (TOWER OF STRENGTH) for high rise (TOWER) of  (OF) force (STRENGTH) (TOWER OF STRENGTH),

18 Old tax (CESS-) on baths (-POOL) (CESSPOOL) for filthy water (CESSPOOL),

20 Red-tailed black sharks (FISHES) sounds vicious (vicious = FISHES),

22 Mark (APOSTROPHE) indicates that letters are missing (APOSTROPHE),

24 Noise from excursion (excursion without ‘noise’ = xcur = CRUX) is the main point (CRUX),

25 Follow boat for sport (WATER-SKI) in Bath (WATER) on foot in winter (SKI) (WATER-SKI),

26 To (T-O) cover mysterious ditch around castle (moat = -OMAT-) is gardener’s delight (Gardener’s Delight TOMATO).


1 Alien (ET = TE-) joining University of Limerick (UL = -LU-) with Uganda (UG = -GU) is all backward (TELUGU) for people in south-eastern India (TELUGU),

2 Resident band (resident band = Citizen’s Band = CB = C-B) embracing artist (-RA-) (CRAB) gets to use sidewalk (CRAB walks sideways),

3 Some (SOM-E-) cover for brother (-BR-) coming back or (or = -RO) (SOMBRERO) regular cover for Mexicans (SOMBRERO),

4 Theresa leaves Cheshire cat (Cheshire cat without ‘Theresa’ = chic = CHIC) with Tony (tony = CHIC),

5 Pays to get in (GATE-) to get first prize (first prize = gold = -AU) (GATEAU) for cake  (GATEAU),

6 Issues notes on parade (BRASS BANDS) from money (BRASS) belts (BANDS) (BRASS BANDS),

7 Speaking in one language (MONOGLOT), it’s open to discussion (MO-OT) to admit long (long = -NOGL-) adaptation (MONOGLOT),

13 Stamp (STEP-) on family member (-SISTER) (STEPSISTER) for Meany in pantomime (STEPSISTER),

14 Temporary release (BA-IL) catches skinhead (head of Skin = -S-) (BASIL) in herb garden (BASIL),

16 Give undue importance to (OVERPLAY) a thing of the past (OVER-) to amuse oneself (-PLAY) (OVERPLAY),

17 Sends back (REFLECTS) mirrors (REFLECTS),

19 Sudden movement (ONRUSH) to place on (ON-) Dublin beach (Dublin beach = -RUSH) (ON RUSH),

21 In the past, you (‘you’ in past = ye = E-Y) come back over exit (-QUIT-) (EQUITY) for actors (trade union for actors = EQUITY),

23 Greedy guts (P-IG) admits resistance (-R-) (PRIG) from puritan (PRIG),

24 Move closer (COME closer) to firm (CO-) with me (-ME) (COME).