Crosaire No 14923 by Crossheir – Monday, October 29, 2012

Mon, Oct 29, 2012, 23:59



8 Where to learn (SCHOOL) to be among the sharks (SCHOOL of sharks),

9 Wide awake (UP-) for each (-PER-) score (-CUT) (UPPERCUT) will knock you out (UPPERCUT),

10 Flake of soot (SMUT) is not nice (SMUT),

11 Sounds like the river is rising perhaps (WATER JUMPS) for obstacles on racetrack (WATER JUMPS are obstacles on racetrack),

12 It’s a problem (RIDDLE) to purge (RID-) Germany (-D-) and the French (the = -LE) (RIDDLE),

14 Freeze (SOLIDIFY) firm (SOLID-) if (-IF) with unknown quantity (unknown quantity = -Y) (SOLIDIFY),

15 At the same time (IN THE SAME BREATH) in (IN) the (THE) identical (SAME) air (BREATH) (IN THE SAME BREATH),

18 Have (have) to lose head (have lose ‘h’ = AVE-) with horses (plural of ‘mare’ = MARIA) (AVE MARIA) for petition (petition/prayer = AVE MARIA),

20 Plunderer (LOOTER) provides stolen goods (LOOT-) for hospital ward (-ER) (LOOTER),

22 Dictator’s assistant (AMANUENSIS) with a (A-) man (-MAN-) makes one in France (one = une = -NUE-) take on little sister (-SIS) (AMANUENSIS),

24 The shape of Humpty Dumpty (OVAL) is nothing (O-) to do with Valerie (-VAL) (OVAL),

25 Jack and John (MEN-) maintain (-SWEAR) (MENSWEAR) sign in shop (MENSWEAR),

26 Union type (someone living in US/Union soldier in the American Civil War  = YANKEE) found in bookies (YANKEE = bet on horses).


1 System to measure (SI = international method of measurement = S-I) bridge over temporary accommodation (-CAMP-) (SCAMPI) for prawns (SCAMPI),

2 Little woman (Jo in ‘Little Women’ = JO-) with lieutenant (-LT) (JOLT) gets a fright (JOLT),

3 French (F-) order (-LAW-) below (-LESS) (FLAWLESS) is impeccable (FLAWLESS),

4 Irish politician (TD = D-T) comes back across America (-US-) (DUST) for homework (DUST),

5 Looking back in the end, the French (the = la = -AL) find tombstones (RIPs = SPIR-) (SPIRAL) in Helix (SPIRAL),

6 Smashed (GROUND) nothing (ZERO) (GROUND ZERO) above bombed area (GROUND ZERO),

7 Young boxer (PUPPY) fine (F-) at (-AT) (PUPPY FAT) losing this type of weight during adolescence (PUPPY FAT),

13 Waterford (the Deise = DE-ISE) rings one of us (-HUMAN-) (DEHUMANISE) having no quality one associates with race (DEHUMANISE),

14 African state (South Africa = SA) graduate (-MBA) (SAMBA) produces dance (SAMBA),

16 Five missing (no five = NO V = NOV-) The Ashes (-EMBER) (NOVEMBER) the month before last (the last month = December; before the last month = NOVEMBER),

17 Sweet (BULL’S EYE) centre in the middle (BULL’S EYE),

19 Cold room (REEFER) for forbidden smoke (REEFER),

21 Completely destroy (-RASE-) in coming back regarding (re = E-R) (ERASER) what hides mistakes (ERASER),

23 Group (SORT) medals from old masters (old masters without ‘medals’ = otrs = SORT),

24 Sound from pen (grunt of pig in a pen = OINK) with love (O-) for writing (-INK) (OINK).