Crosaire No 14922 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sun, Oct 28, 2012, 23:59



1 Shelf (BOOK COLLECTOR) perhaps for librarian (BOOK COLLECTOR),

10 Longford (-LD-) lad (-LAD-) found in Offaly (O-Y) (OLD LADY) familiar with us in D’Olier Street (OLD LADY of D’Olier Street = The Irish Times),

11 Sounds like what Taylor (tailor) repeats (sew-and-sew = SO-AND-SO) for unpleasant person (SO-AND-SO),

12 Get to crest of hill (KNAP) for night (night = knight = KN) broadcast with news agency (Associated Press = AP) (KNAP),

13 Stagger (RE-EL) around Belgium (-B-) (REBEL) for revolting sort of person  (REBEL),

15 Flip side (BACK) for what’s never in front of one (BACK),

17 Starting in Scandinavian country (start of Norway = NOR) for negative link (NOR),

19 Sounds like one is telling Philip it’s not empty (it’s ‘full Phil’ = FULFIL) to achieve this (FULFIL),

21 Involving direct confrontation (HEAD-ON) with someone intelligent perhaps (have common sense = have one’s head screwed on = HEAD-ON),

22 Serious (STERN-) hesitation (-UM) (STERNUM) kept close to one’s chest perhaps (STERNUM),

23 As pictured (IMAGED), I’m (IM-) not getting any younger (-AGED) (IMAGED),

25 Shoot (BUD-) father (-D-A) with hothead (head of Hot = -H) (BUDDHA) for religious leader (BUDDHA),

27 Farmers nemesis (Common Agricultural Policy = CAP) perhaps in Cork (cork = CAP),

29 Sounds like Katie (Katie = ‘KT’ = K-T) has Illinois (-IL-) (KILT) in Scots dress (KILT),

30 In favour of (FOR-) pause in speech (-UM) (FORUM) at public square in Rome  (FORUM),

31 Go on, do it (DARE) for odd-looking dear (dear = DARE),

34 Gets ready to play (TOGS OUT) provided dress code prohibits swimming trunks perhaps (not allowed to wear togs = TOGS OUT),

35 Makes music instrument (lute = -LUET-) in bit (B-IT) (BLUE TIT) leading to garden bird (BLUE TIT),

36 Appointment (BOOKING) with bureau (OFFICE) (BOOKING OFFICE) for police pressing charges (BOOKING OFFICE),


2 Strange person (ODDBALL) at unusual (ODD) dance (BALL) (ODDBALL),

3 Pepper (cayenne pepper = K-N) over surprise (-HA-) (KHAN) from Asian ruler (KHAN),

4 Gas (OXYGEN) how it gives everyone a breather (OXYGEN),

5 Minor (LESSER) lascivious look (LE-ER) over boat (-SS-) (LESSER),

6 Swiss (CH-) personal assistant (PA = -AP) returns (CHAP) with young man (CHAP),

7 Has experience (OLD HAND) of cards from previous deal perhaps (OLD HAND),

8 Garda carries them (BOOK OF TICKETS) to raise money fairly perhaps (BOOK OF TICKETS found at a fair),

9 They have something to show (BOOKING AGENTS) for reservation (BOOKING) against those gathering intelligence (AGENTS) (BOOKING AGENTS),

14 Sounds like real turn off (bore = BOER) action (WAR) (BOER WAR) in African conflict (BOER WAR),

16 Is up (RISER) for Taliban leaving libertarians (libertarians without ‘Taliban’ = erris = RISER),

18 Take exception to (DEMUR) doctor (D-R) keeping bird (-EMU-) (DEMUR),

20 Part company (LTD) perhaps with army man (LT-) and daughter (-D) (LTD),

21 Focus (HUB) leads to revolution (central part of a wheel which rotates = HUB),

24 All, (ALL-) for example (-EG-), get to end of bolero (end of bolero = -RO) (ALLEGRO) in tempo (ALLEGRO),

26 Desperate tactic (DRASTIC) finally getting old Mexican (Aztec = -ASTIC) reportedly to medicine man (DR-) (DRASTIC),

27 In the end, tycoon (CO-ON) gets over dry (dry = teetotaller = -TT-) (COTTON) natural fibre (COTTON),

28 Pub Ole (pub ole = PUEBLO) in a whirl in Mexican settlement (PUEBLO),

32 Peg (HOOK) does it in front row of scrum (HOOK),

33 Bit of a blow (CUFF) at arms length (CUFF).