Crosaire No 14921 by Crossheir – Friday, October 26, 2012

Fri, Oct 26, 2012, 23:59



1 Profound (DEEP) for lover to leave developer (developer without ‘lover’ = deep = DEEP),

4 Mass killer (MUSTARD GAS) provides colour (MUSTARD) to make one laugh (laughing GAS) (MUSTARD GAS),

9 A (A-) gangster (Al Capone = -AL) cut (cut = -CTU-) up in the middle (ACTUAL) is in fact true (in fact true = in ACTUAL fact true),

10 Savings (CUTBACKS) for rugby without three-quarters perhaps (wings, centres and backs in rugby are known as ‘three-quarters’ = ‘without three-quarters’ = CUT [the] BACKS),

11 Order to shoot (FIRE-) at fence (-WALL) (FIREWALL) to keep bugs out (FIREWALL),

12 They move around (NOMADS) numbers (nos = NO-S) containing dotty ones (-MAD-) (NOMADS),

13 Light (LAMP) home of Arabian spirit (genie in bottle or oil LAMP),

15 By the sound of it, Morah (Morah = MORA-) and Tory (Tory = -TORI-) hesitate (-UM) (MORATORIUM) at suspension (MORATORIUM),

17 Goes through the hoops (BASKETBALL) for hamper (BASKET-) at dance (-BALL) (BASKETBALL),

19 Tramp (HOBO) gets place for cooking (HOB-) with gas (gas = oxygen = O) (HOBO),

20 Declares an interest (USURER) perhaps as you are (U-R) overseeing with confidence (-SURE-) (USURER),

22 Provide for (FEED-) column (-BACK) (FEEDBACK) to get reaction (FEEDBACK),

25 Pour (P- OUR) over Irishman (Mara = -ARAM-) coming back (PARAMOUR) for mistress (PARAMOUR),

26 Reduce population (-CULL-) out of ship (S-S) (SCULLS) race (SCULLS),

27 Lingering sensation (AFTERTASTE) is hard to swallow (AFTERTASTE),

28 Female (F-) says it getting married (I Do = -IDO) (FIDO) to Rex’s friend (FIDO).


2 Gone off Chilean Da (Chilean da = ENCHILADA) making dinner in Mexico (ENCHILADA),

3 Marketing (PR-) foreign article (the = -UNE) (PRUNE) for disagreeable person (PRUNE),

4 Blended a (-A) single malt (MALT-) (MALTA) near Sicily (MALTA),

5 Scorch (SE-AR) around most of cult (most of ‘cult’ = -CUL-) (SECULAR) with no spiritual basis (SECULAR),

6 Stakeholder (poker stake = ANTE-) perhaps against South African region (-NATAL) (ANTENATAL) in gestation (ANTENATAL),

7 Sounds like before they lower you down (DEAD MARCH) at last (DEAD) before April arrives (MARCH) (DEAD MARCH),

8 Kid (-KYD) reportedly following Albert (AL-) (ALKYD) gets resin from alcohol (ALKYD),

14 Look (-FACE) after game (POKER-) gives away no expression (POKER FACE),

15 Recreational craft (MOTORBOAT) produces material for robot (robot = -TORBO-) in water around castle (MO-AT) (MOTORBOAT),

16 A French (a = UN-) hell-raiser (-BUCK-) showed the way (-LED) (UNBUCKLED) to loosen up on band (UNBUCKLED),

18 Bears the expense of (AFFORDS) a (A-) party (-FF-) going to bars (bars = rods = -ORDS) freely (AFFORDS),

21 Counsel (SC-) far (far = -ARF) (SCARF) from going on ahead (SCARF),

23 As a result (ENSUE) gives direction (North East = NE = EN-) back to bring charges against (to sue = -SUE) (ENSUE),

24 Lawman (BL-) with uniform (-U-) is very strong (-FF) (BLUFF) on pretence (BLUFF).