Crosaire No 14920 by Crossheir – Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thu, Oct 25, 2012, 23:59



1 Deprived of (DEVOID) long fellow (‘long fellow’ = de Valera = DEV-) meeting opposition leader (leader of Opposition = -O-) with papers (-ID) (DEVOID),

4 Be (BE-) there for Clare (-CE-) to be involved in ploy (-R-USE) (BERCEUSE) to sing child to sleep (BERCEUSE),

9 Fast (LENT-) track to the Italian (-IL) (LENTIL) bean (LENTIL),

10 Holy man (ST-) with longing (-ITCH-) to switch direction (SE = -ES) (STITCHES) gets sudden sharp pains in side (STITCHES),

12 Mr Big Dinner’s style (GRANDIOSE) gets old relative (GRAN-) to make do (-D-O-) with Science Energy Ireland (SEI = -I-SE) mix up (GRANDIOSE),

13 Sucker (LOLLY) provides for retirement (money = LOLLY),

14 Where you find the shirts and trousers (CLOTHES PRESS) in Vogue for one (Vogue magazine = popular for fashion/clothes = clothes press = CLOTHES PRESS),

18 Wages going up (SLIDING SCALE) sounds like they are going down pecking order  (SLIDING SCALE),

21 Embarrass (ABASH) putting together a (A-) party (-BASH) (ABASH),

22 Don’t normally (UNUSUALLY) catch sun (sun = -NUS-) rising in bends (u-bends = U-U-) leading to alley (alley = ally) we hear (UNUSUALLY),

24 Illinois (IL = LI-) comes back to rebuke (-BERATE) (LIBERATE) rescue (LIBERATE),

25 Old Bob (bob = shilling = S-) from Puerto Rico (-PR-) makes hole (-AWL) (SPRAWL) in lounge (lounge around = SPRAWL around),

26 Sour grapes perhaps here (VINEYARD) on any drive (any drive = VINEYARD) running wild,

27 Companion (FRIEND) at end of week (Friday = FRI-) reaches limit (-END) (FRIEND).


1 The committee (DELEGACY) of French (of = DE-) inheritance (-LEGACY) DELEGACY),

2 Virginia (VA = V-A-) admits independent (-IND-) old card game (-LOO) (VINDALOO) is hot in Goa (VINDALOO),

3 Poem (ILIAD) written by pigeon writer (pigeon = homer = Homer wrote ILIAD),

5 Go get her (go-getter = ENTREPRENEUR) we hear for job-hunter perhaps (ENTREPRENUER),

6 Felines (CAT-S) jump over salty (salty = -ALYST-) preparation (CATALYSTS) for chemical event planners perhaps (CATALYSTS),

7 It is demanding (UPHILL) for Philip (-PHIL-) to be in college (University of Limerick = U-L) (UPHILL),

8 English (E-) school (-S-) says (-SAYS) it all (ESSAYS) in commentaries (ESSAYS),

11 At a loss (LOSS-), tailor (tailor is ADJUSTER of clothes) (LOSS ADJUSTER) finds in favour of insurance company (LOSS ADJUSTER),

15 Part of writer who wrote ‘Far From Madding Crowd’ (Thomas Hardy = part of / half of Thomas Hardy = HALF-HARDY) looks well outdoors except for really cold weather (plant which grows outdoors except in frost = HALF-HARDY),

16 Huge (TALL) report (TALE) (TALL TALE) is long shot that could be true (TALL TALE),

17 Made use again (RECYCLED) of series (-CYCLE-) in the red (RE-D) (RECYCLED),

19 Father (PA-) of five (-V-) returns volume (vol = -LOV) (PAVLOV) to Russian with dog expecting his dinner (PAVLOV whose dog salivated when hearing the bell for dinner),

20 Looking back at last, no (-ON) brother (br = -RB-) takes account (ac = CA-) (CARBON) of what comes from photocopier perhaps (CARBON copy),

23 Up (UP-) for each (-PER) (UPPER) end of the street (UPPER end of street).