Crosaire No 14919 by Crossheir – Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wed, Oct 24, 2012, 23:59



1 All (ALL-) ahead of you (-U-) regarding (-RE) (ALLURE) attraction (ALLURE),

4 Senior (AG-ED) gets around it at (it at = -ITAT-) (AGITATED) being flustered (AGITATED),

9 Sounds like it’s what brewer does (brews = BRUISE) for Mark (mark = BRUISE),

10 Sticking together (ADHESION) had (had = ADH-) come to do something with noise (noise = -ESION) coming back (ADHESION),

12 Miss (OVERTHROW) the end (OVER) and goes over the sofa (a throw/rug over a sofa = THROW) (OVERTHROW),

13 Relative (UNCLE) to United Nations (United Nations = UN-) chapter (-C-) on the French (the = -LE) (UNCLE),

14 Baptism (INTRODUCTION) at start of book (INTRODUCTION),

18 Measures impact of break-up (RICHTER SCALE) of American geologist (RICHTER) and lawyer (SC-) on the beer (-ALE) (RICHTER SCALE),

21 College (UNI-) gets on (-ON) (UNION) with creating alliance (UNION),

22 Refuse to employ (BLACKLIST) miserable mood (BLACK-) on record (-LIST) (BLACKLIST),

24 It’s unambiguous (UNIVOCAL) what’s said (VOCAL) after united (U-) Ulster (-NI-) (UNIVOCAL),

25 School-leaver (TRUANT) perhaps on the hop in Dublin (TRUANT),

26 Leads someone down the garden paths (DEAD ENDS) for final (DEAD) goals (ENDS) (DEAD ENDS),

27 Bar worker (LAWYER) gets Yemen (-YE-) king (king = royal = -R) to follow rules (LAW-) (LAWYER).


1 In the morning (AM-), make a mess of Boris (Boris = -BROSI-) getting a (-A) (AMBROSIA) plate of heavenly food (AMBROSIA),

2 Doctor, are you (are u = -UREA-) in late (LA-TE) (LAUREATE) for great honour? (Nobel LAUREATE),

3 Tries (tries = RESIT) for a change to do with leaving a second time (do Leaving Cert a second time = RESIT),

5 Is this how one fails desperately (GO DOWN THE PAN) to look for heel in bread? (GO DOWN THE PAN to find the heel),

6 Shaking (TREMULOUS) lemurs out (lemurs out = TREMULOUS) running wild,

7 Raised weight (wt = TW-) with irritation (-ITCH) (TWITCH) for jerk (TWITCH),

8 Take stones from non-residents (non-residents without ‘stones’ = nriden = DINNER) for feast (DINNER),

11 Is this where publican keeps his prices (DRAUGHTBOARD) for playing chess (DRAUGHTBOARD)?

15 One (ON-E) covering tiny particle (-ION) for Dominic (DOM-) (ONION DOME) in Russian architecture (ONION DOME)

16 It’s healthy (SANITARY) for artist (ra = -AR-) to come back within reason (reason = sanity = SANIT-Y) (SANITARY),

17 Gives legacy (TESTATOR) for trial-run (TEST-) up a (-A-) hill (-TOR) (TESTATOR),

19 Quebec (QUE-) due (due = -UED) for a change (QUEUED) to stand in line (QUEUED),

20 Lower limits (MINIMA) for little (MINI) scholar (MA) (MINIMA),

23 Somehow Mark (mark = KARM-) comes across a (-A) (KARMA) concept that decides one’s fate (KARMA).