Crosaire No 14918 by Crossheir – Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tue, Oct 23, 2012, 23:59



8 Korean leader (KIM- = family name of current and two previous Korean leaders) on (-ON-) to Opposition leader (leader of Opposition = -O) (KIMONO) for attire (KIMONO),

9 It’s not right (ABNORMAL) for Norma (-NORMA-) to be taken in by laboratory (lab = AB-L) developer (ABNORMAL),

10 Beautiful (GLAM) to add a bit of gloss (bit of gloss = GL-) in the morning (-AM) (GLAM),

11 Person making all the wrong sounds perhaps (BOOTLEGGER makes illegal records or sounds) to kick (to kick = to BOOT-) -start stretch (LEG) with Reg (Reg = -GER) returning (BOOTLEGGER),

12 Sounds like two speakers (STEREO) in trees (trees = STERE-) that amount to nothing (-O) (STEREO),

14 Speaking highly (LA-UD-) about bird  (-TIT-) flying east (-E) (LATITUDE) for breathing space (LATITUDE),

15 Come (COM-E) across signs of mutiny (mutiny = – MUNITY) with right (-R-) money (-CENT-) (COMMUNITY CENTRE) at local gathering (COMMUNITY CENTRE),

18 In (in) with this (filtrate) gives access (INFILTRATE) for what can take badness out (FILTRATE),

20 A book (LEDGER) on scaffolding (LEDGER),

22 European Union (EU-) cuts (cuts = -C-TUS) up over outlandish play (play = -ALYP-) (EUCALYPTUS) produced by Myrtle family (EUCALYPTUS tree is of the myrtle family),

24 No one (NONE) takes arms away from Norseman (Norseman without ‘arms’ = noen NONE),

25 Sounds like brother (BRO-) convinced (convinced = sure = -CHURE) (BROCHURE) by handout (BROCHURE),

26 Not in favour of (ANTI-) gas (CS gas = -CS) (ANTICS) pranks (ANTICS).


1 Six (VI-) love (-O-) to let (-LET) (VIOLET) in shade of flower (VIOLET),

2 Cyclist’s drug of choice (EPO = POE-) regulated Frenchman (Monsieur = -M) (POEM) in Limerick (POEM),

3 Lookalike (DOUBLE) missing key (music key = E) (‘double’ without ‘e’ = DOUBL-) has nothing (-O-) on (-ON) (DOUBLOON) old Spanish gold coin (DOUBLOON),

4 Surprise (HA-) at drawing attention to (-LO) (HALO) overhead light in church (HALO),

5 Goes on foot (ANKLET) on foot (ANKLE-) before tea (-T) (ANKLET),

6 Anxious (FRIGHTENED) need (need = -ENED) to make up at end following horror (FRIGHT-) (FRIGHTENED),

7 It takes months (CALENDAR) to drive devastated Clara (Clara = CAL-AR) over the edge (-END-) (CALENDAR),

13 Sounds like it’s about (RE-) keeping hands warm (mittens = -MITTANCE) (REMITTANCE) for sum of money (REMITTANCE),

14 Order for coffee (LATTE) as behind schedule (LA-TE) with tea (-T-) (LATTE),

16 At a loss what’s said in the papers (OBITUARY) is never said to one’s face (OBITUARY),

17 Sounds like Blackrock’s (black rocks = coals = COLES-) order (-LAW) (COLESLAW) for salad (COLESLAW),

19 To be on the safe side (ASYLUM) it’s offering shelter (ASYLUM),

21 Lost vigour perhaps (EUNUCH) for being ineffectual (EUNUCH),

23 The (THE-) middle of month (middle of moNth = -N) (THEN) at that time (THEN),

24 Record (NOTE) for Bill (NOTE).