Crosaire No 14917 by Crossheir – Monday, October 22, 2012

Mon, Oct 22, 2012, 23:59



8 It’s the usual (NORM-) for a friend (-ALLY) (NORMALLY) most of the time (NORMALLY),

9 Sounds like long johns (Long John Silver had ONE LEG) exclusive (ONE) stage (LEG),

10 Note (music note = FA-) for BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India & China  = -BRIC countries) (FABRIC) in framework (framework = FABRIC),

11 Go there (‘go there’ = INSTRUCT) to inform (INSTRUCT),

12 Bearing (ROLLER bearing) it’s in the net (ROLLER in hairnet),

13 Can’t remember what happened (AMNESIAC) as cinema (as cinema = AMNESIAC) goes,

15 I had (I’d = ID-) a way of getting to the French (the -LE) (IDLE) good-for-nothing (IDLE),

17 For a change, Cabot & Co (Cabet co = TOBACCO) goes up in smoke (TOBACCO),

19 Any (AN-Y) way to cover getting Tex (Tex = – X-ET-) back with one (-I-) (ANXIETY) gives concern (ANXIETY),

22 To stand out, a (to stand out a MILE) direction (direction South = S) needs to be added to get a laugh (SMILE),

24 Became apparent (APPEARED) application (APP-) requires ear (-EAR-) of editor (-ED) (APPEARED),

27 Reportedly, could (could = CUDD-) lead to the French (the = -LE) (CUDDLE) embrace (CUDDLE),

29 Treasure (ANGEL-) at Irish Countrywomen’s Association (-ICA) (ANGELICA) involved in cake decoration (ANGELICA),

30 What’s wrong (-SIN-) is in record (LO-G) (LOSING) for not winning (LOSING),

31 When broken down tree in (tree in = ENTIRE) in one piece (ENTIRE),

32 Do up (LACE-) price (-RATE) (LACERATE) for tear (LACERATE).


1 Planter (POT-) at (-AT-) job centre (centre of jOb = -O-) (POTATO) could have blight (POTATO),

2 Sounds like it’s ages (ages = aegis = umbrella) but it’ll keep you dry (UMBRELLA),

3 Charged for a blanket (ELECTRIC blanket) when Rick (RIC) is on a campaign poster (ELECT) (ELECTRIC),

4 In keeping with (TYPICAL) pal (pal = -P-AL) being mixed up in city (city = TY-IC-) (TYPICAL),

5 In the end, it’s an offence (-SIN) to go back to bed (cot = TOC-) (TOCSIN) with alarm bell ringing (TOCSIN),

6 Loves (HEARTS) red suit (suit of cards = HEARTS),

7 Prince of Venice (MERCHANT of Venice) is a peddler (MERCHANT),

14 Row away from Marlowe (Marlowe without ‘row’ = male = MEAL) for dinner (MEAL),

16 Dominic (DOM-) gets energy (-E) (DOME) in Rotunda (DOME),

18 Nothing (O-) minister (-PP-) finds on (-ON-) funny looking cross (X = ten = -ENT) (OPPONENT) for rival (OPPONENT),

20 What nerve (what NECK-) to get a frill (-LACE) (NECKLACE) on a chain (NECKLACE),

21 Make Riny (riny = IN-RY) pick up fine powder (-DUST-) (INDUSTRY) for workers (INDUSTRY is for workers),

23 In a perfect world (IDEALLY) I’d (Id = ID-) get middlemen (middle of mEn = -E-) to deal with end of 8 across (8 across = normally and end of normally = -ALLY) (IDEALLY),

25 Egyptian leader (leader of Egyptian = E-) distributed yield (yield = -YELID) (EYELID) from pupil’s cover (EYELID),

26 Grows up (RAISES) in terms of playing poker (RAISES),

28 Horrible Monday in Galway (Luan = LUNA-) gets to Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = -TE) (LUNATE) at crescent (LUNATE).