Crosaire No 14916 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sun, Oct 21, 2012, 23:59



1 Examination (PAPER) of (OF) log (RECORD) leads to The Irish Times (PAPER OF RECORD),

10 Note (music note = A) old man (old man = father = PP) of moon (ARIEL is a moon) leaves number (number = I and ARIEL without ‘I’ = -AREL) (APPAREL) for dress (APPAREL),

11 It is a name (is a name = AMNESIA) transformed by forgetfulness (AMNESIA),

12 Paper (EXAM) for former lover (EX-) in the morning (-AM) (EXAM),

13 Band type (INDIE) employs 5 down (5 down = roadie; INDIE band employs roadie),

15 Brother (BR-) that is (that is = i.e. = -IE) (BRIE) a big cheese from France (BRIE) perhaps,

17 Surprise (GEE) up north (Northern Ireland = NI) leaves Arabian spirit in bottle (GENIE = without ‘NI’ = GEE),

19 To reach top of hill (BREAST) monk (BR-) faces the Orient (-EAST) (BREAST),

21 Insures safe transport (-MOT) at end of March (MAR-) (MARMOT) for squirrel-like rodent (MARMOT),

22 Whine (HUM-) on bodhran (-DRUM) (HUMDRUM) is run-of-the-mill  (HUMDRUM),

23 Surprise (Cor! = COR-) on web (-NET) (CORNET) for ice cream (CORNET),

25 Child’s play (MUD PIE) goes down well in Mississippi (Mississippi MUD PIE),

27 Is (is = SI)) turning back leaving valley (valley = basin without ‘SI’ = BAN) forbidden? (BAN),

29 Drink (drink = BEVY) to girl group (group = BEVY),

30 Boring (BANAL) for 27 across (BAN-) to lead way to gangster (Al Capone = -AL) (BANAL),

31 Spanish poet loses head (Lorca loses L = ORCA) with whale (ORCA),

34 Attention seeker (Oy! = O-Y) reveals writer (-PEN) gets to father (DA-) (OPEN DAY) for free access (OPEN DAY),

35 Three-dimensional (SPATIAL) Irishman (-PAT-) covered in earth’s crust (S-IAL) (SPATIAL),

36 Journal (PAPER) goes into own shell (NAUTILUS) (PAPER NAUTILUS) for Argonaut (PAPER NAUTILUS).


2 Win over (APPEASE) application (APP-) with simplicity (-EASE) (APPEASE),

3 Noble (EARL) in real (real = EARL) bad way,

4 Nothing (O-) belongs without ease (ease = Es + belongs without ‘ES’ = blong = -BLONG) (OBLONG) out of shape (OBLONG),

5 Course (ROAD-) that is (that is = i.e. = -IE) (ROADIE) checking out sounds (ROADIE),

6 Without father  (Pa = -AP-) coming back in, there’s no party food (canapé without ‘AP’ = cane = CANE) for Rod (rod = CANE),

7 In the end, turns up Murt (Murt = -TRUM) so (so = -OS-) right (R-) (ROSTRUM) for public platform (ROSTRUM),

8 Successor to hard copy (PAPERBACK BOOK) from The Irish Times (PAPER-) spinal column (-BACK) reserve (BOOK) (PAPERBACK BOOK),

9 Order to cover fortifications (PAPER THE WALLS) leads to call to decorators (PAPER THE WALLS),

14 Straight-faced person (DEADPAN) passed on (DEAD-) skillet (-PAN) (DEADPAN),

16 Knows who is not taking seats (USHER) working in Dáil (USHER),

18 Sweep (GAMUT) over morning (-AM-) with returning Yank (yank = tug = G-UT) (GAMUT),

20 Whatever way you look at it (TUT), it’s an expression of disapproval (TUT),

21 Keep her (keep MUM) provided she’s a chrysanthemum (chrysanthemum are also known as mums = MUM) perhaps,

24 Arrive (arrive = RIV-ERA) potentially with unit (unit = one = -I-) (RIVIERA) for nice location (RIVIERA),

26 Snap at leaving 36 across (paper nautilus without ‘snap at’ = peruilu = PURLIEU) for usual haunts (PURLIEU),

27 Any (-ANY-) involvement in bar (bar = ban = B-AN) (BANYAN) for fig tree (BANYAN),

28 Saunas (saunas = NASSAU) work near paradise resort (NASSAU resort is near/joined to Paradise Island resort),

32 Won’t work (IDLE) where I’d (ID-) get along with the French (the = -LE) (IDLE),

33 Drives home (TAXI) perhaps duty (TAX-) on island (-I) (TAXI).