Crosaire No 14915 by Crossheir – Friday, October 19, 2012

Fri, Oct 19, 2012, 23:59



1 Bolivia (BO-) secret service (-SS) (BOSS) is in charge (BOSS),

4 Area (TOWN) officials (CLERKS) (TOWN CLERKS) set records straight (TOWN CLERKS set records straight),

9 Leave with no option but (OLBIGE) to accommodate (OBLIGE),

10 Disorganised union (union = INNU-O) admits end (-END-) (INNUENDO) is hinted at by implication (INNUENDO),

11 Does this mean mattresses (BEDS) won’t get any better (SICK) (SICK BEDS) in hospital? (SICK BEDS),

12 Tie (tie = EIT-) up with her (-HER) (EITHER) or else (EITHER),

13 Give out about (CARP) vehicle (CAR-) parked near parking sign (-P) (CARP),

15 Narrow creek (STREAM) in Carlingford (Carlingford is in Co DOWN) (DOWN STREAM) is flowing in direction of river (DOWNSTREAM),

17 Misfit (LOS-ER) reveals guides (guides = leads = -S LEAD-) made up (LOSS LEADER) to sell below cost (LOSS LEADER),

19 It goes on floor in kitchen (LINO) for exotic cat (cat = lion = LINO),

20 Brilliant (GENIUS) provided general (GEN-) gets one (-I-) to me and you (-US) (GENIUS),

22 Application (APP-) to increase (-RAISE) (APPRAISE) gauge (APPRAISE),

25 Call (VISI-T-) includes green light (-GO-) for hospital (-H) (VISIGOTH) produced by Roman invader (VISIGOTH),

26 In the end, colleague (colleague = ally = -YLLA) goes back to lawyer (SC-) (SCYLLA) provided monster lying on the rocks (SCYLLA),

27 Breath new life into (REGENERATE) religious education (Religious Education = RE-) that’s character building (-GENE-) at any rate (-RATE) (REGENERATE),

28 Finally, to return duck (-O) with sweet potato (sweet potato  = yam = MAY-) (MAYO) from Atlantic coast (MAYO).


2 Surprisingly, Robert (Bob = OBB-) has baby biscuit (-LIGA-) going to (-TO) (OBBLIGATO) musical accompaniment (OBBLIGATO),

3 Check Mark (a check mark = -TICK) after first of September (first of September = S-) (STICK) for severe criticism (STICK),

4 Starts Limerick (THERE was ….) repeatedly to sooth baby (THERE there),

5 Scourge (WHIP-) with proverb (proverb  = -SAW) (WHIPSAW) gets men who share blade (WHIPSAW),

6 Conor (CON-OR) takes in iron (-FE-) to ship (-SS-) (CONFESSOR) for confidant (CONFESSOR),

7 Give seat (ELECT-) for exam (-ORAL) (ELECTORAL) for those on a roll (ELECTORAL roll),

8 Anchor (KEDGE) back end (end of bacK = K-) of verge (-EDGE) (KEDGE),

14 Nuisance (PEST-) that is (that is = i.e. = -I-E) over detectives (-CID-) (PESTICIDE) does away with bugs (PESTICIDE),

15 Little number (DRESS-) on morality (-CODE) pulls up Jean’s white socks (DRESS-CODE often bans jeans and white socks),

16 Uncle’s wife (AUNT) goes on brief journey (brief journey  = SALLY) (AUNT SALLY) for fair game (AUNT SALLY = one set up as an easy target),

18 Psychiatrist (DR-) gets Taoiseach (final of Taoiseach = -ACH-) finally to master (-MA) (DRACHMA) what money was once in Greece (DRACHMA),

21 Leave out (ELIDE) ’E didn’t tell the truth (E lied = ELIDE) reportedly,

23 Not all of the passersby (not all of ‘passersby’ = PASSE) are behind the times (PASSE),

24 Poetic rift (ABYSM) with Alan (AL) in the end (ABYSMAL) is appalling (ABYSMAL).