Crosaire No 14914 by Crossheir – Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thu, Oct 18, 2012, 23:59



1 Celebrities (VIPs = VIP-S) go around about (re = -ER-) returning (VIPERS) snakes (VIPERS),

4 Brief encounter (SKIRMISH) risks him (risks him = SKIRMISH) falling apart,

9 Italians used to sell one (SINGLE of chips) for bachelor (SINGLE),

10 Take one’s seat after this (ELECTION) standing (standing for ELECTION),

12 Charge (VAT-) one (-I-) to be able (-CAN) to (to = II) (VATICAN II) name church council (VATICAN II),

13 Computer manufacturer (MAC-) moves to Romania (-RO) (MACRO) for photography lens (MACRO),

14 Not customary (UNACCUSTOMED) to make a dunce (a dunce = UNAC-ED) cover sacred cow (-CUSTOM-) (UNACCUSTOMED),

18 Should weigh-in less after this (BALANCE DIET) level-headed (BALANCE) congress (DIET) (BALANCE DIET),

21 Cover story (BLURB) perhaps for cloud (BLUR-) on British capital (capital of British = -B) (BLURB),

22 Interpreter isn’t hearing things (LIP-READER) making sense of word of mouth possibly (LIP-READER),

24 Aid (aid = DIA-) turned up for people (-TRIBE) (DIATRIBE) in bitter shouting match (DIATRIBE),

25 African country (South Africa = SA-) gets as far (-FAR-) as one (-I) (SAFARI) goes on expedition (SAFARI),

26 Martin (MARTY-) meets revolutionary (-RED) (MARTYRED) to keep faith to the end (MARTYRED),

27 Uninspired (STODGY) to make dog (dog = -ODG-) lie in with pigs  (ST-Y) (STODGY).


1 Fiery one (VESUVIUS volcano) from Venezuela (Venezuela  = VE-) sends sports utility vehicle (Sports Utility Vehicle = -SUV-) for one (-I-) to America (-US) (VESUVIUS),

2 Always on time (PUNCTUAL) for innuendo (PUN-) that causes a cult (a cult = -CTUAL) (PUNCTUAL),

3 Austin leaves unrealistic (unrealistic without ‘Austin’ = relic = RELIC) keepsake from past (RELIC),

5 Erratic poke (poke = K-OPE) around oilcase (-ALEI-OSC-) for director (-D-) (KALEIDOSCOPE) with optical toy (KALEIDOSCOPE),

6 Advocate (RECOMMEND) it’s about (RE-) praise (-COMMEND) (RECOMMEND),

7 Stupid behaviour (IDIOCY) I’d (ID-) come across (a cross = X = -IO-) to see why (see why = -CY) reportedly (IDIOCY),

8 Sounds like stately (handsome = HANSOM) carriage (HANSOM),

11 Can’t get over this (UNASSAILABLE) can’t be attacked (UNASSAILABLE),

15 Chinese leader (leader of Chinese = C-) ran (-RAN-) across Chuck (Chuck Berry = -BERRY) (CRANBERRY) to side with Turkey (CRANBERRY),

16 Breeze (WIND-) into department (-WARD) (WINDWARD) for Lee’s opposite (Leeward opposite to WINDWARD),

17 In a way, tiny tree  (tiny tree = ETERNITY) lasts forever (ETERNITY),

19 One (I-) way to make an offer (-BID-) to get first person (me = -EM) back (IBIDEM) in the same place (IBIDEM),

20 Gets bored (gets board), we hear, with work (AU PAIR get ‘board and keep’ for work) keeping an eye on children (AU PAIR),

23 Precise (EXACT) for former girlfriend (EX-) to get in on act (-ACT) (EXACT).