Crosaire No 14913 by Crossheir – Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wed, Oct 17, 2012, 23:59



1 Imposing (AUGUST) gold (AU-) rush (-GUST) (AUGUST),

4 Bo (bo = OB) in a twist finds a violin (violin = LIVION) (OBLIVION) in blackout (OBLIVION),

9 Finally, goes back to say goodbye in Rosmuc (goodbye = slán = -NALS) to what’s not applicable (Not Applicable = NA = AN-) (ANNALS) in reports (ANNALS),

10 Wailed with strong emotion (ULULATED) for repeating University of Limerick (repeat UL = ULUL-) at (-AT-) editor (-ED) (ULULATED),

12 Local girlfriend (MOTH-) consumed (-EATEN) (MOTH-EATEN) by worn-out clothes (MOTH-EATEN),

13 Paper’s last words (OBITS) for orchestra leader (leader of Orchestra = O-) going to pieces (pieces = -BITS) (OBITS),

14 Old Bob (old bob = shilling = S-) organises Crete (Crete = -ECRET) (SECRET AGENTS) brokers with plants (SECRET AGENTS),

18 Orthodox fighters (RIGHT-HANDERS) take these turns on road to greatness perhaps (RIGHT-HANDERS),

21 America (USA-), for example, (e.g. = -GE) goes back (USAGE) in a manner of speaking (USAGE),

22 Butterfly (CLEOPATRA) produced by queen (CLEOPATRA),

24 Looking after one’s own (NEPOTISM) marijuana (-POT-) in exotic Nimes (Nimes = NE-ISM) (NEPOTISM),

25 Father (PA-) goes to the Spanish (-EL-) and the French (-LA) (PAELLA) for dinner in Madrid (PAELLA),

26 Unreasonable (PERVERSE) in each (PER-) lyric (-VERSE) (PERVERSE),

27 Catalyst (ENZYME) for ease (Es = E-E) covering in the end my (my = -YM-) return to New Zealand (-NZ-) (ENZYME).


1 Cassandra shouts (a Cassandra is a prophet of disaster who is often disregarded = ALARMIST) Fire! Fire! Fire! (ALARMIST),

2 Jean (Jean = GENE-) we hear turns it (IT = -TI-) around for lawyer (SC = -CS) returning (GENETICS) with scientific study (GENETICS),

3 Find an answer to (SOLVE) free love (love = -OLVE) behind Square (S-) (SOLVE),

5 Make a statement (BALANCE SHEET) attaching weighing scales (BALANCE) to bed linen (SHEET) (BALANCE SHEET),

6 Not very well (ILL-) to receive (-GOT-) Commandments (-TEN-) (ILL-GOTTEN) with gains that follow (ILL-GOTTEN gains),

7 Understand by instinct (INTUIT) trade union (-TU-) is in in (IN-) it (-IT) (INTUIT),

8 Mind us (mind us = NUDISM) rearranged for those who bare all (bare all = NUDISM),

11 Specimens (CASES) trailing from embassy (ATTACHE) (ATTACHE CASES) holds the paper together (ATTACHE CASES),

15 It’s central to (EPICENTRE) long poem (EPIC-) from the heart (CENTRE) without copyright (c) (centre without ‘c’ = -ENTRE) (EPICENTRE),

16 It’s in one’s head (MENTALLY) when tallymen (men tally = MENTALLY) come together,

17 Make a run for it (ESCAP-E) over father (Da = -AD-) coming back (ESCAPADE) for stunt (ESCAPADE),

19 Sounds like a vegetable (turnip = TURN-UP) down at trouser heel (TURN-UP in trousers),

20 Trail her (trail her = trailer = CAMPER), reportedly, to the home pitch (CAMPER),

23 Public relations (PR-) dealing with stiff bristle (-AWN) (PRAWN) found in sea (PRAWN),