Crosaire No 14912 by Crossheir – Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tue, Oct 16, 2012, 23:59



8 Motoring organisation (A-A) covers old city (-UR-) or (-OR-) (AURORA) something with atmosphere of bright lights (AURORA),

9 Does as Will says (EXECUTOR) working as one pleases (working ‘as one pleases’ = working ‘at will’ = EXECUTOR),

10 On the house (ROOF) coming up or (or = RO-) of (-OF) late (ROOF),

11 Draw a line underneath (UNDERSCORE) organisation (United Nations = UN-) of the German (the = -DER-) with result (-SCORE) (UNDERSCORE),

12 Remain (remain = -WAIT) behind return of kingdom (UK = KU-) (KUWAIT)

in Gulf (KUWAIT),

14 Tale (TA-LE) about Bing (Bing = -NGIB-) in a way (TANGIBLE) is capable of being treated as fact (TANGIBLE),

15 Runs protection racket (CONSERVATIONIST) for tomorrow’s care-worker (takes care of tomorrow/future = CONSERVATIONIST),

18 In Paris I (I = JE-) came across a (-A-) disgusting (-LOUSY) (JEALOUSY) envy (JEALOUSY),

20 At last, think about (think about = mull = -LLUM) coming back to Venezuela (VE-) (VELLUM) for fine parchment (VELLUM),

22 Figures always come out after facts (facts and figures = STATISTICS) from numbers racket perhaps (numbers racket = STATISTICS),

24 To a greater extent (MORE) it’s a short period (MO-) before arrival of religious education (Religious Education = -RE) (MORE),

25 Morose types (SULKERS) around king (-K-) (SKULKERS) leading to those who hide with sinister motive (SKULKERS),

26 Harrowing experience (ORDEAL) or (OR-) compromise (-DEAL) (ORDEAL).


1 Numbers one to nine on square (SUKOKU) provides poser (poser = puzzle = SUDOKU),

2 Call attention to (Ho! = HO-) old French (Old French = -OF) (HOOF) on foot (HOOF),

3 Short column (BALUSTER) for graduate (BA-) rebuilding Ulster (Ulster = -LUSTER) (BALUSTER),

4 At this rate (rate = FEE-) bad end (end of baD = -D) (FEED) for nurse (nurse = FEED),

5 You are (-UR-) caught in lights (NE-ON) (NEURON) acting on impulse (NEURON),

6 Fun (FUN-) with remodelled Latin company (Latin co = -CTIONAL) (FUNCTIONAL) for all practical purposes (FUNCTIONAL),

7 Characters (numbers = nos = NO-S) minding father (-FR-) sick (-ILL-) (NO-FRILLS) of missing the fancy bits (NO-FRILLS),

13 Without question (ABSOLUTELY) skilfully (AB-LY) gets over so (-SO-) far with instrument (-LUTE-) (ABSOLUTELY),

14 To (TO-) make time (time = day = -ADY) (TOADY) for sycophant (TOADY),

16 Pass someone on road (OVERTAKE) covering (OVER-) clutch (-TAKE) (OVERTAKE),

17 Shape iron (iron = -IN-OR) over undershirt (-VEST-) (INVESTOR) for stocky character perhaps (INVESTOR = a person with stock = stocky character perhaps),

19 Produce result (result = ULSTER) up north (ULSTER),

21 Provocateur loses covet (provocateur without ‘covet’ = proaur =UPROAR) in commotion (UPROAR),

23 CIA’s (CIAs = IASC) false leads to Irish fish (IASC),

24 It’s all the style (MODE) to disturb demo (demo = MODE).