Crosaire No 14911 by Crossheir – Monday, October 15, 2012

Mon, Oct 15, 2012, 23:59



8 Take no notice (IGNORE) of disorganised region (region = IGNORE),

9 Sailor (SEAFARER) type who sees future (SE-ER) ringing a far (a far = -AFAR-) (SEAFARER),

10 Listener (EAR-) goes to central Ireland (centre of IreLand = -L) (EARL) for title (EARL)

11 It’s old (ELDER-) hat (beret = -BERRY) say (ELDERBERRY) to make jelly with this (make jelly with ELDERBERRY),

12 Foil (foil = sword = RAPIER) artist (RA) moving towards dock (PIER) (RAPIER),

14 Getting organisation (United Nations = UN-) to (-TO-) go to protégé (-WARD) (UNTOWARD) is inconvenient (UNTOWARD),

15 Ring (TELEPHONE) one (NUMBER) from 01-6758000 (TELEPHONE NUMBER),

18 Sweet (ADORABLE) woman (Dora = ADOR-) made up with second child (Abel = -ABLE) we hear (ADORABLE),

20 Turkish leader (leader of Turkish = T-) in Clare (-ENNIS) (TENNIS) for court appointment (TENNIS),

22 1 (ONE) and 1 (one and ANOTHER one)? Figure (ONE) with one more (ANOTHER),

24 Greet (Yo! = YO-) someone from County Limerick (Limerick county car reg = -LK) (YOLK) at yellow centre (YOLK has yellow centre),

25 Removal (DELETION) of the French (of the = DE-) let (-LET-) one (-I-) on (-ON) (DELETION),

26 Old exclamation (Ay = -AY-) in chant (S-ING) (SAYING) from a fool’s paradise (‘A fool’s paradise’ is a SAYING).


1 I (I-) come across design for a dress (a guna = -GUANA) in Ireland (IGUANA) with exotic pet (IGUANA),

2 Going to (TO-) Illinois (-IL) (TOIL) to work hard (TOIL),

3 Fact-finding (RESEARCH) about (RE-) getting to burn (-SEAR-) Switzerland (-CH) (RESEARCH),

4 Took advantage of (USED) you (U-) looking back with data encryption standard (Data Encryption Standard = DES = -SED) (USED),

5 Bird? (PARROT) You can say that again! (PARROT),

6 Cuts a deal (SALESWOMAN) for drink (-ALES-) surrounding ship (S-S) mate (-WOMAN) (SALESWOMAN),

7 Vicar of Winkfield (Vicar of Winkfield is a PEAR TREE) gets it on Christmas Day for game (game = partridge: ‘On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a partridge in a PEAR TREE’),

13 Well-oiled (INEBRIATED) to make neat birdie (neat birdie = INEBRIATED),

14 Follow you (U-) along well-organised lane (lane = -LNAE) (ULNAE) for bones (ULNAE),

16 By arrangement green and (green and = ENDANGER) put at risk (ENDANGER),

17 Let everything slip down (NATURISM) to the bare bones perhaps? (NATURISM),

19 Make a reservation (BOOK-) that is (that is = i.e. = -IE) (BOOKIE) for accountant (BOOKIE),

21 Free-standing kitchen cupboard (ISLAND) is (IS-) on the ground (-LAND) (ISLAND),

23 Put up (HANG) as no good (No Good = -NG) after surprise (HA-) (HANG),

24 It has its ups and downs (YO-YO) at end of January (end of JanuarY = Y-) with nothing (-O) year (Y-) round (-O) (YO-YO).