Crosaire No 14910 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sun, Oct 14, 2012, 23:59



1 Wasn’t safe on water (ROCKED THE BOAT) what iceberg did to Titanic perhaps (ROCKED THE BOAT),

10 Oscar (O-) brings father (Rev = -VER-) back to put in place (-LAY) (OVERLAY) cover for surface (OVERLAY),

11 Allude to (REFER TO) as referee (REF-) breaks right (R) toe (TOE) (R+TOE = -ER TO) (REFER TO),

12 Put cap on (KNEECAP) pepper (cayenne pepper = KN-) for ease (Es = -EE) reportedly (KNEE),

13 Sounds like working on stage (acting = ACTIN) is good for muscle (ACTIN),

15 What do you call a chap under a car (JACK)? It’s only a wind up (JACK)!,

17 Generation (ERA) are (are = ERA) in a mess,

19 Catch (NET-) what he (-HE-) does with resistance (-R) (NETHER) in underground (NETHER),

21 Used for drawing (CRAYON) 20 down (-RAY-) into trick (C-ON) (CRAYON),

22 In Africa (SA-), car test (-NCT-) leads to expression of hesitation (-UM) (SANCTUM) from holy place (SANCTUM),

23 She (HER-) puts Roger (Roger = yes = -ESY) in his place (HERESY) with blasphemy (HERESY),

25 Gym (Physical Education = PE-) near port (-P-) has jerk (-TIC) (PEPTIC) for breaking down food (PEPTIC),

27 The greatest (‘the greatest’ = Muhammad ALI) is beginning to fall into alignment (beginning of alignment = ALI),

29 Rub up the wrong way (RILE) with loud music (F) to go off (RILE with ‘f’ = rifle),

30 Returns manuscript (ms = SM-) to listener (-EAR) (SMEAR) to drag through mud (SMEAR),

31 Most definitely not (NO-) leading Virginia (-VA) (NOVA) to become a bright star (NOVA),

34 We hear one (I = EYE-) picking up football (-BALL) (EYEBALL) gets a close stare (EYEBALL),

35 Citizen (BURGHER) from Hamburg we hear? (from Hamburg = Hamburger = burger = BURGHER),

36 It’s not that hard (it’s not ROCKET SCIENCE) perhaps getting one to moon (ROCKET SCIENCE),


2 In the end to (to = O-T) go back over Russell (AE = -EA-) and father (Rev = -VER-) (OVEREAT) leading to gorge (OVEREAT),

3 Prepare lake (lake = KALE) for brassica (KALE),

4 Doctor (DR-) with ponytail (tail of ponY = -Y) I see (IC-) gets direction (direction East = -E) (DRY ICE) in dramatic mist (DRY ICE),

5 She (HER-) goes to north (Northern Ireland = -NI-) with a (-A) (HERNIA) rupture (HERNIA),

6 Person very interested in something (a BUFF) providing leather velvety finish (BUFF),

7 Sounds like everyone is on their marks (all ready = ALREADY) by now (ALREADY),

8 Moving back and forth (ROCKING) with Arabians (HORSES) for getaway toys for children (ROCKING HORSES),

9 Trembling (ROCKING) chairpersons (CHAIRS) with seats in Irish Senior Citizens’ Parliament? (ROCKING CHAIRS),

14 Van (TRUCK-) with the French (the = -LE) (TRUCKLE) provides cheddar (cheddar barrel = TRUCKLE),

16 Rosa leaves seahorses (seahorses without ‘rosa’ = sehse = HESSE) for German writer (HESSE),

18 Like a dream (dream = ARMED), one is ready for battle (ARMED),

20 Stream (stream of [light] = RAY of …) leads to painter (RA-) at journey’s end (end of journeY = -Y) (RAY),

21 Copper (CU-) reaches out to head of police (head of Police = -P) for a coffee (CUP),

24 Father (Rev = RE-V-) admitting piece of fiction (-LIE-) has nothing (-O) (RELIEVO) to do with child’s game (RELIEVO),

26 Making rich pot (rich pot = TROPHIC) with concern for nutrition (TROPHIC),

27 Ma (Ma = AM-) back with you (-U-) to give permission (-LET) (AMULET) to keep evil away (AMULET),

28 I’m (I am = IAM-) getting on B&I (-BI-) to Cuba (-C) (IAMBIC) with a verse (IAMBIC),

32 Graduates (BAs = BAS-) near Kampuchea (-K) enjoy warmth and light (BASK) (BASK),

33 Father (FR-) with ease (Es = -EE) (FREE) gets on the house (FREE).