Crosaire No 14909 by Crossheir – Friday, October 12, 2012

Fri, Oct 12, 2012, 23:59



1 Switzerland (CH-) I see (-IC) (CHIC) is in vogue (CHIC),

4 Sympathy over a bit of bad luck (HARD CHEESE) from Parmigiano-Reggiano (HARD CHEESE),

9 A (A-) mafia boss (-DON-) is (-IS) (ADONIS) handsome youth killed by boar in Greece (ADONIS),

10 Sample book (SWATCHES) gives Sikh leader (leader of Sikh = S-) lots of ways to tell time (-WATCHES) (SWATCHES),

11 Overheard low instrument (bass = BASE-) meant (meant = -MENT) (BASEMENT) for the underground (BASEMENT),

12 Can (can = KAN-) British army corps (-SAS) reportedly (KANSAS) get home for Dorothy? (KANSAS is Dorothy’s home in Wizard of Oz),

13 Curious to hear something (AGOG) to go (go = -OG) back in the end to silver (AG-) AGOG),

15 Shakespearean protagonist (Prospero + ‘nearly’ Prospero = PROSPER-) nearly gets to it (-IT-) at end of July (end of JulY  = -Y) (PROSPERITY) for the good life (PROSPERITY),

17 Scruffy looking (RAGAMUFFIN) ringleader (leader of Ring = R-) finds cake (-MUFFIN) behind range (-AGA-) (RAGAMUFFIN),

19 Sounds like Pop going out (CORK pulled from bottle sounds like ‘pop’) covering Monkstown tower and waterfall (Monkstown, Tower and Waterfall are places in CORK),

20 Lack of concern (ACEDIA) for expert (ACE-) on God in Ireland (God = -DIA) (ACEDIA),

22 Lost temper (ire = RIE-) with strap (strap = -SLING) (RIESLING) produced by Alsatian winemaker (RIESLING),

25 Shoots from the hip (DUELLIST shoots from holster on hip) playing football and hurling perhaps (duel player is someone who plays hurling and football = DUELLIST),

26 In a way Darius (Darius = RADIUS) is found in own circle (RADIUS has own circle),

27 Big smoker (CHIMNEY) comes across marijuana (POT) (CHIMNEY POT) on the house (CHIMNET POT),

28 The Spanish (the = EL-) and the Irish (the = -AN) (ELAN) have spirited energy (ELAN).


2 Greek snake (HYDRA-) confuses Egan (Egan = -NGEA) (HYDRANGEA) for mop-top in garden (HYDRANGEA),

3 Staff (staff = cane = CAN-E) holds on to nothing (-O-) (CANOE) as goes down canal with a paddle (CANOE),

4 Make speed (HASTE) as it has (HAS-) come to Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = -TE) (HASTE),

5 Ming leaves sitting room (sitting room without ‘ming’ = sittroo = RISOTTO) for rice dish (RISOTTO),

6 Take lid off champagne perhaps (CRACK OPEN a bottle) for break (CRACK) with Frank (be frank = be OPEN) (CRACK OPEN),

7 It’s slightly strange (ECCENTRIC) for Eric (E-RIC) to have one hundred (-C-) cent (-CENT-) (ECCENTRIC),

8 Stone (ST-) bearing (bearing East = -E-) city of angels (city of angels = Los Angeles = -LA) for inscription on headstone (STELA),

14 Close door with force (GRAND SLAM) seeing off English, Scots, Welsh, French and Italians (seeing off or beating … = GRAND SLAM),

15 Doesn’t keep one word as it is (PLURALISE) making mountains out of mountain (PLURALISE),

16 Ultan (Ultan = -NTULA) making something of himself behind hill in Meath (TARA-) (TARANTULA) is big on Web (TARANTULA),

18 Irish men’s (FIR’S = FIRS-) ram (ram = tup = -T UP) (FIRST UP) wakes whole house in morning (FIRST UP),

21 Call for silence (Sh! = -SH) after vineyard quality (CRU-) (CRUSH) gets put down (CRUSH),

23 Get her onto (her on = heron = EGRET) new way to say hello (say hello = greet = EGRET),

24 A claim (a claim = allege = a LEDGE) we hear without first letter (A) sticking out (LEDGE).