Crosaire No 14908 by Crossheir – Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thu, Oct 11, 2012, 23:59



1 Be led to believe (GATHER) pistol (GAT-) on way to her (-HER) (GATHER),

4 Very diligent (STUDIOUS) of ladykiller (STUD-) offering promises to pay debts (I.O.Us = -IOUS) (STUDIOUS),

9 Blow one’s top (LOSE IT) to draw attention (LO-) to one (-I-) dropped in set (-SE -T) (LOSE IT),

10 Metalworker (TINSMITH) throws hints (hints = TINS-H) around MIT (-MIT-) (TINSMITH),

12 Rebuild Mater as it (mater as it = METATARSI) produces the bones in the feet  (METATARSI),

13 Provides accommodations (HOSTS) for presenters (HOSTS),

14 Sign hangs over door for yarns (HABERDASHERY) we hear by a thread (by a thread – buy a thread in HABERDASHERY),

18 Pocket money (EMBEZZLE-) going to men (-MEN-) on square (T-square = -T) (EMBEZZLEMENT) on the fiddle (EMBEZZLEMENT),

21 What priest says (a Mass = AMASS) to gather together (AMASS),

22 Gets a regular return (ANNUITANT) for an (AN-) aunt (aunt = -ANT), say, having night in France (night = -NUIT-) in centre (ANNUITANT),

24 Be (BE-) close to Friday (-FRI-) before coming to an end (-END) (BEFRIEND) with offer of support (BEFRIEND),

25 A (A-) pious woman (-ST-) prepares poor actor (poor actor = ham = -HMA) (ASTHMA) with breathing problems (ASTHMA),

26 How green of Ireland (green = GLAS-) not (-NO-T) to have spades (-S-) (GLASNOST) to open up Russian society (GLASNOST),

27 On the level, it’s all over the floor (STOREY) leading to what sounds like a tale worth telling (tale = story = STOREY),


1 Moves in a clumsy manner (GALUMPHS) going after girls (GAL-S) hiding energetic side (-UMPH-) (GALUMPHS),

2 Try out (TEST) London Underground (TUBE) (TEST TUBE) for experiment (TEST TUBE),

3 Official order  (EDICT) cited (cited = EDICT) in error,

5 Comic (wit = TWI-) confused by glare (-LIGHT) finds space (ZONE) (TWILIGHT ZONE) between life and death (TWILIGHT ZONE),

6 Let gun off (DISCHARGE) for way out of army (DISCHARGE),

7 No practical reason (OTIOSE) for breaking toes (toes = OT-SE) around ten (-IO-) (OTIOSE),

8 Lawyer (SC-) and his (-HIS-) master (-M) (SCHISM) fall out over differences of opinion (SCHISM),

11 Heard Greece (Greece = GREASE-) decorates (-PAINTS) to hide face (makeup = GREASEPAINTS)

15 Debt forgiveness perhaps (REMISSION) regarding (RE-) important assignment (-MISSION) (REMISSION),

16 Ship of fools (METAPHOR) is a figure of speech (METAPHOR),

17 Stands up in street (STATUARY) for what celebrates dead heroes (STATUARY),

19 Talk hind legs off donkey (GASBAG) for funny (GAS-) overnighter (-BAG) (GASBAG),

20 Amateur (-A-) very loud (-FF-) in Royal Irish Academy (R.I.A. = R-IA) (RAFFIA) gets used for making baskets (RAFFIA),

23 Small institution (institution = inst. = INS-T) goes over direction (direction East = -E-) in smaller map (INSET map).