Crosaire No 14907 by Crossheir – Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wed, Oct 10, 2012, 23:59



1 Street (ST-) constable (finally/at the end of ‘constable’ = -ABLE) finally (STABLE) gets horses home (STABLE),

4 Affair (FL-ING) over a (-A-) call for silence (-SH-) (FLASHING) leads to house protection (FLASHING protects house/roof),

9 Nah! (N-AH) It’s around Irish apple (-ULL-) (NULLAH) from ravine (NULLAH),

10 Character (IDENTITY) building ten (ten = -ENT-) to one (-I-) in roving good order (good order = tidy = ID-TY) (IDENTITY),

12 Give one’s name to (EPONYMOUS) rodent (mouse = E-MOUS) finding way around small horse (-PONY-) (EPONYMOUS),

13 Common knowledge (OUT-) regarding (-RE) (OUTRE) what’s unusual and startling in France (OUTRE),

14 Pity (MERCY) putting an end to (KILLING) (MERCY KILLING) controversial demise (MERCY KILLING),

18 Virginia (VA-) giving permission (letting = -LET -ING) around playground (PARK-) (VALET PARKING) for sitting behind car? (‘sitting’ behind ‘car’ = car-sitting = VALET PARKING),

21 Up to that point in time (UNTIL) organisation (United Nations = UN-) was lit (lit = -TIL) up (UNTIL),

22 Sounds like a mule (HEE-HAWING) he (he = HEE-) heard with fruit (-HAW-) making gin (gin = -ING) (HEE-HAWING),

24 Still (STAGNANT), only men (men only = STAG-) with granny (-NAN-) go to tea (-T) (STAGNANT),

25 In the end, pour oil (oil = LI-O) back over tender (-BID-) (LIBIDO) out of drive (LIBIDO),

26 Have another look (REASSESS) regarding (RE-) donkeys (-ASSES-) on square (-S) (REASSESS),

27 Come clean (TIDY UP) perhaps how to put DIY (put DIY = TIDY UP) in its place.


1 Sundays (Suns = SUN-S) containing broadcast (-BEAM-) (SUNBEAMS) from light above (SUNBEAMS),

2 Card game (ALL FOURS) needing walking frame for dogs (ALL FOURS) perhaps,

3 Worm leaves Mayflower (mayflower without ‘worm’ = ayfle = LEAFY) for lettuce type (LEAFY),

5 Orchid (LADY’S SLIPPER orchid) helps prince find Cinderella (LADY’S SLIPPER),

6 Drink in dark (SUNDOWNER) at start of week (SUN-) down (-DOWN-) at hospital ward (-ER) (SUNDOWNER),

7 I’d (ID-) make something of Otis (Otis = -IOTS) (IDIOTS) for silly billies (IDIOTS),

8 Sounds like easygoing old man (geezer = GEYSER) blows off steam (GEYSER),

11 Able to move around (MOBILE) extensions (PHONES) for keeping in touch (MOBILE PHONES),

15 Full twelve months (YEAR-) to get to fishes (-LINGS) not yet two year’s old (YEARLINGS),

16 It’s in the neighbourhood of (VICINITY) the sixth (VI-) borough (-CI-TY) around the North (Northern Ireland = -NI-) (VICINITY),

17 Mature (AGE) class (GROUP) (AGE GROUP) between sixty and seventy (AGE GROUP),

19 Keeping an eye on college finances (BURSAR), brother (B-R) rings major stars (-Ursa Major constellation of stars = -URSA-) (BURSAR),

20 Hectare (-HA-) between it (IT-) and California (-CA) (ITHACA) provides home for Ulysses (ITHACA),

23 Cover story (ALIBI) excellent (A1 = A-I) for talking in liberal (-LIB-) (ALIBI).