Crosaire No 14906 by Crossheir – Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tue, Oct 9, 2012, 23:59



8 Stanley (STAN-) goes down in Africa (Internet code + vehicle registration of South Africa = -ZA) (STANZA) for lines of communication perhaps (poem = STANZA),

9 Hackney driver (COACHMAN) provides manager (COACH-) with humanity (-MAN) (COACHMAN),

10 Being that candid (OPEN) is nothing (O-) to do with the writer (-PEN) (OPEN),

11 On your bike (HANDLEBARS) getting publican’s job (HANDLE BARS),

12 Rhinoceros (-RINO) follows me (ME-) (MERINO) sheepishly (MERINO sheep),

14 Shoot for (shoot for = FORSOOTH) breaking. Indeed! (indeed = FORSOOTH),

15 Illegal short sellers perhaps (BLACK MARKETEERS) with dark mood (BLACK) in service economy (MARKETEERS) (BLACK MARKETEERS),

18 From Roman beginnings (AB INITIO), first characters (first characters/letters = AB) get in (IN-) close to it (-IT-) at Number 10 (10 = -IO) (AB INITIO),

20 Not allowed to move (ON HOLD) as waiting to make connection (ON HOLD),

22 Carol (S-ING) goes around Irish country (country = -TIR-) to get rashers and sausages (-FRY-) (STIR-FRYING) cooking in wok (STIR-FRYING),

24 Eat one’s heart out (PINE) in (-IN-) in gym (P-E) (PINE),

25 Not right (TORT-) to be sick (-ILL-) with a (-A) (TORTILLA) pancake in Mexico (TORTILLA),

26 Build station (RTÉ = TE-R) around the (-THE-) (TETHER) chain (TETHER).


1 Sounds like a course of action (step = STEPPE) in Russia (Russian STEPPE),

2 Before long (ANON) nice way to say no (‘no’ in Nice = -NON) after first letter (A-) (ANON),

3 Dishevelled deer (deer = hart = -ATHR-) caught up in explosion (B-OOM) (BATHROOM) gets washed here (BATHROOM),

4 Sikh leader (leader of Sikh = S-) able (-CAN) (SCAN) to have a quick look (SCAN),

5 Looks unhealthy (PALLOR) with all (-ALL-) for nothing (-O-) in public relations (P-R) (PALLOR),

6 Harassed Hobbes (Hobbes = SH-BBO-E) hiding hilt (hilt + -I-L-TH) (SHIBBOLETH) provides difficult pronunciation for test of nationality (SHIBBOLETH),

7 Voice over (NARRATOR) bookbinder (binds/holds book together = NARRATOR) perhaps,

13 Reduce to ashes (INCINERATE) in (IN-) making pictures (-CINE-) at this rate (-RATE) (INCINERATE),

14 Cut out (FORGO) green on traffic lights (FOR GO),

16 Otis leaves abolitionist (abolitionist without ‘Otis’ = abliiont = LIBATION) to offer drink up to man above (LIBATION),

17 At a stretch (ELONGATE) shattered solitary (solitary = lone = ELON-) theatre (-GATE Theatre) (ELONGATE),

19 Wild goat (TUR-) has time (-T-) with the French (the = -LE) (TURTLE) reptile (TURTLE),

21 Let (L-ET) in (in = -INN-) vocal (LINNET) songbird (LINNET),

23 Draw attention in Britain (I SAY) to one (I) having influence (having a SAY) (I SAY),

24 Heart of the matter (essence of something = PITH) provides horsepower (hp = P-H) to drive back over it (-IT) (PITH).