Crosaire No 14905 by Crossheir – Monday, October 8, 2012

Mon, Oct 8, 2012, 23:59



8 Head of chambers (head of Chambers = C-) and (-AND-) the French (the = -LE-) (CANDLE) provides light relief perhaps (CANDLE),

9 Down to the bare bones (SKELETON) in press (SKELETON in press/closet),

10 King’s knight (king’s knight in chess = KN-) on drugs (drugs = ecstasy + ecstasy = -EE) (KNEE) is part of 9 across (part of skeleton = KNEE),

11 Marla (PLASTICINE) keeps children’s figures together in school (PLASTICINE),

12 Possible source (source = CRUSOE) close to Friday (Robinson CRUSOE is close to character Friday),

14 We heard Jew (Jew = DEW) with Yemeni leader (leader of Yemeni = Y) stared out (EYED) with sentimental tears (DEWY-EYED),

15 Causes one to drop like flies perhaps (INSECT REPELLENT) provided Katy did (a katydid is an INSECT) something horrid (REPELLENT),

18 Not class conscious (ATYPICAL) perhaps of what’s made of a lap (a lap = A-P-AL) around city (city = -TY-IC-) (ATYPICAL),

20 Resist (resist = SISTER) breakup of feminist organisation (SISTER is of feminist organisation)

22 Her tomboys (her tomboys = MOTHER’S BOY) represented by soft lad (MOTHER’S BOY),

24 Makes a monkey out of (makes fun of/teases = RIBS) what’s destined to spend life in a cage (RIBS = rib cage),

25 Soldier from sky (paratrooper = PARA-) lands on no (-NO-) one  (-I-) with a (-A) (PARANOIA) delusion (PARANOIA),

26 Withdrawn (SH-Y) about what’s funny (-ODD-) (SHODDY) in being second-rate (SHODDY).


1 A mass (amass = GARNER) for disguised ranger (ranger = GARNER),

2 Towards the end, knowledge (‘knowledge’ at end = knowledge = -EDGE) is on the limit (EDGE),

3 Supporter (HELPMEET) gives assistance (HELP-) to event for athletes (races/sporting contests = a meet = -MEET) (HELPMEET),

4 Like (AS-) one (-I-) with a (-A) (ASIA) lot of land (ASIA),

5 Give (BESTOW) finest (BEST-) sob of pain (-OW) (BESTOW),

6 Lesley’s (Lesley’s = SEY-LLES) made up to cover revolutionary leader (-CHE-) (SEYCHELLES) from islands in Indian Ocean (SEYCHELLES),

7 Turn operation (op = P- O-) to trap snow leopard (snow leopard = -OUNCE-) with pole (North Pole = -N) at end (POUNCE ON) of sudden spring (POUNCE ON),

13 Dramatic small character (SLEEPY in ‘Snow White …’) on top (-HEAD) (SLEEPYHEAD) is inattentive (SLEEPYHEAD),

14 Live (DWELL) with director (D-) comfortably (-WELL) (DWELL),

16 Exists up to a point (NOTIONAL) but not beyond it (NOTIONAL),

17 Writer (ESSAYIST) comes back from southeast (SE = ES-) to say (-SAY-) what comes first (1st = -IST) (ESSAYIST),

19 Wears blue in France to make great chef (CORDON bleu) at police workstation (police workstation = CORDON),

21 Realise the idea (EMBODY) of comeback for me (me = EM-) is stiff in the end (-BODY is stiff in the end) (EMBODY),

23 A good mind (BRAIN) to cover one (I) with breakfast additive (BRAN),

24 According to hearsay, bored corner figure (chessboard corner figure = ROOK [castle]) can take to the air (ROOK can fly).