Crosaire No 14904 by Crossheir – Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sun, Oct 7, 2012, 23:59



1 Take away (BOTTLE OF STOUT) black stuff behind glass (BOTTLE OF STOUT),

10 Will last long (OUTWEAR) out where (‘out where’ = OUTWEAR)?

11 Ignore remark (LET IT GO) to get over yourself (LET IT GO),

12 Time (T-) with hairdresser (-WIG) (TWIG) somewhere up in tree (TWIG),

13 No money (SKINT) for travelling on foot in snow (SKI-) with holy book (New Testament = -NT) (SKINT),

15 Cover in (-IN-) with height (H-T) (HINT) could give it away (HINT),

17 Slightest bit of (ANY) germ (germ) on this (any) leads to some state (Germany  = GermANY),

19 Look (EYEFUL) like one you’d get in Paris (‘Eiffel’ = EYEFUL) we hear,

21 Cold calling (SNEEZE) perhaps comes as blow (SNEEZE),

22 A few quick light steps (PIT-A-PAT) down a hole (PIT-) with a (-A-) fellow from Ireland (-PAT) (PIT-A-PAT),

23 One just can’t decide (FICKLE) whether this is mercurial or not (FICKLE),

25 Love Irish (love = GRA-) father (-PP-) with a (-A) (GRAPPA) brandy (GRAPPA),

27 Stick (CUE) to give to actor (give actor a CUE),

29 At last (AMEN), Benjamen, at last (end of Benjamen = AMEN),

30 At end of line (PHONE is at end of line) for orator (PHONE is for person who speaks/orator),

31 Turn the sound down (HUSH), the Pope (His Holiness = H-H) is ringing America (-US-) (HUSH),

34 Euro net (euro net = EN ROUTE) tentatively coming soon (EN ROUTE),

35 Good wishes (AVE-) no good (-NG-) on hospital ward (-ER) (AVENGER) returning the injury (AVENGER),

36 Swiss army knives (BOTTLE-OPENERS) needs repository (BOTTLE-) for starters (-OPENERS) (BOTTLE-OPENERS).


2 Martin leaves sodium nitrate (sodium nitrate without ‘Martin = sodiute = OUTSIDE) beyond boundaries (OUTSIDE),

3 Follow box star (box star = television star = Star TREK) on foot (TREK),

4 Suddenly get it (EUREKA) from revelation (EUREKA),

5 It’s not right (FELONY) to find iron (FE-) on colony (COLONY) without company (CO) (COLONY without CO = -LONY) (FELONY),

6 Bishop (Bishop TUTU) gets a second from university we hear (a ‘2.2’ = TUTU),

7 Get off the ropes (UNTWINE) for strange-looking maniac (nut = UNT-) with drink (-WINE) (UNTWINE),

8 Glassware (BOTTLE) of (OF) Liffey Valley’s finest (WATER) (BOTTLE OF WATER) polished off by pub team at end of match (BOTTLE OF WATER),

9 Kitchen staff (BOTTLE-WASHERS) get holder (BOTTLE-) for plates with holes (perforated plates for nuts/bolts = -WASHERS) (BOTTLE-WASHERS),

14 In (IN) Virginia (VA-), see you (-CU-) perhaps with nothing (-O) (IN VACUO) in a vacuum (IN VACUO),

16 Northern party (Democratic Unionist Party = DUP-) gets closer to the French (the = -LE) needing rhythm (DUPLE),

18  Out with it (can exit through ENTRY) in in a manner of speaking (go in through ENTRY),

20 Of course (LIE on golf course), it’s not the truth (LIE),

21 Up against it (to lean up against it = to SAG against it) with this flop (SAG),

24 Last call (CHEERIO) to raise spirits (CHEER-) at Number 10 (-IO) (CHEERIO),

26 Uses water pressure (PLUNGER) for each (P-ER) covering over organ in cage (-LUNG-) (PLUNGER),

27 Revolutionary (CHE-) gets to see (see – ESE) nonsense (CHEESE) for what’s said to camera (say CHEESE to camera),

28 Boy scouts grounded (ENCAMP) for being on base (ENCAMP),

32 Make a face (BUST) from 13 across (skint = BUST),

33 Set one’s face against (end of hammer opposite the face = PEEN) having two heads on a hammer (PEEN hammer).