Crosaire No 14903 by Crossheir – Friday, October 5, 2012

Fri, Oct 5, 2012, 23:59



1 The quiet man (“The Quiet Man” = FILM) returns if (if = FI-) sent to Leitrim (-LM) (FILM),

4 So (SO-) a (-A-) priest (-PP-) generating widow’s share of estate (dower = -OWDER) (SOAP POWDER) gets taken to cleaners (SOAP POWDER for cleaners/washing machines),

9 Lack of enthusiasm (APATHY) for father (pa = AP-) coming back to Kildare town (-ATHY) (APATHY),

10 Garda (DI-) with drink on him (-SPIRIT) (DISPIRIT) gives cause to lose hope (DISPIRIT),

11 Trick (CON-) brother in France (brother = -FRERE) going after (CONFRERE) colleague (CONFRERE),

12 Green (green = ENERG-) organisation at end of January (end of JanuarY = -Y) produces spirit (ENERGY),

13 Blood type (blood type = O-) is infected (infected = -PUS) (OPUS) from work (OPUS),

15 It’s incredulous (DISBELIEVE) to hear dye (dye = DI-E) cast over what could be Elvis (be Elvis = -SBELIEV-) (DISBELIEVE),

17 Need to lift lid to hear tune (MUSICAL BOX) from Chicago (‘Chicago’ is a MUSICAL) case (BOX),

19 In the end gives direction (direction South = -S) back to coach (coach = bus = SUB-) (SUBS) on the bench (SUBS),

20 Lieutenant (Lt = L-T-) finds hydrant (-H) over little England (-ENG-) (LENGTH) from a distance (LENGTH),

22 Made to look lean (lean = NE-AL) over NATO (NATO = -ONAT-) trouble (NEONATAL) for newest arrival (NEONATAL),

25 Made to look like Arab ruler (Arab ruler = amir = MARI-) is on time (-TIME) (MARITIME) at the seaside (MARITIME),

26 Doctor (MO-) gets locks (-HAIR) (MOHAIR) for goats outside (goat’s outside = hair of goat makes MOHAIR),

27 Imagine (The Beatles ‘Imagine” = SONG) getting a bad mouth (THRUSH) perhaps singing in the trees (SONG THRUSH),

28 Felt cheated (felt DONE) joining director (D-) for a single (-ONE) (DONE).


2 Without practice (IMPROMPTU) I’m (IM-) on time (-PROMPT-) on centre court (centre of coUrt = -U) (IMPROMPTU),

3 Carry on out of confirmatory (confirmatory without ‘carry on’ = ofimt – MOTIF) design (MOTIF),

4 Manner (STYLE) of space for bore (bore = boar + space for boar = STY-) say and the French (the = -LE) (STYLE),

5 Call (ADDRESS) 24-28 Tara Street (ADDRESS),

6 A couple stepping it out (dance for two people = PAS DE DEUX) produces fathers of twins (Pas of two = PAS DE DEUX) it’s said,

7 Chalky colour (WHITE) found in a particular place (LIES in particular place) won’t hurt your feelings (WHITE LIES),

8 Looking at (EYING) disobeying in the end (end of disobeying = EYING),

14 Change of heart (SWING-) with funny looking Inge (Inge  = – EING) (SWINGEING) provides serious unpleasant effect (SWINGEING),

15 Not wanting to stick around (DEATH WISH) to see one’s maker (DEATH WISH),

16 Sixth (VI-) born (-B-) gets allowance (-RATION) (VIBRATION) for movement (VIBRATION),

18 Won’t let one’s hair down (BANDEAU) over bar (BAND-) with French water (water = -EAU) (BANDEAU),

21 At this rate (rate = ERAT-) nothing (-O) (ERATO) gets to poetry muse (ERATO),

23 Plenty of get up and go (OOMPH) around (O-) Ohio (-O-) at speed (-MPH) (OOMPH),

24 Sucker for grapes (an APHID sucks sap from vines) shows ego (-I-) in a (A-) doctorate (-PH-D) (APHID).