Crosaire No 14902 by Crossheir – Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thu, Oct 4, 2012, 23:59



1 To… say… I’m… on… the… edge… of… my… seat (phrase “I’m on the edge of my seat” = BREATHLESS; and to say the words/clue while seemingly gasping  = BREATHLESS),

6 Block (BAN-) Greek leader (leader of Greek = -G) (BANG) causing crash (BANG),

10 Car sticker (DISC-) has nothing (-O) (DISCO) to do with club (DISCO),

11 High achiever (AEROPLANE) makes hash of opera (opera = AEROP-) track (-LANE) (AEROPLANE),

12 Example (INSTANCE) for hapless ancients (ancients = INSTANCE),

13 Italian (ROMAN) approaches end of September (end of SeptembeR = R-) on Arabian Sea (-OMAN) (ROMAN),

15 Came together (KNITTED together) for knight (KN-) getting it (-IT-) to Edward (-TED) (KNITTED),

17 Bathroom cleaner (SHAMPOO) from fake (SHAM-) post office (-PO-) going around (-O) (SHAMPOO),

19 Naomi leaving millionaires (millionaires without ‘Naomi’ = lliires = SILLIER) is even more featherbrained (SILLIER),

21 What’s square on top (T-SHIRTS) is never formal (T-SHIRTS),

22 Rebel against (REACT) another performance from actor perhaps (REACT),

24 Not very macho (CAMP-) to put on (gain =-AIGN) straight run for office (CAMPAIGN),

27 Having a great influence on (POTENT-) making up the greatest (‘The Greatest’ = Muhammad Ali = Ali = -IAL) (POTENTIAL) promise (POTENTIAL),

28 Draw (TRACE) Irish seaside (TRA-) near Clare (-CE) (TRACE),

29 Order to cook pork (RARE pork) few and far between (RARE),

30 The German (the = -DER-) follows girl (LEA-) on board (-SHIP) (LEADERSHIP) running party (LEADERSHIP).


1 Shoots (BUDS), sprouts (BUDS) and leaves (BUDS) for crazy Dubs (Dubs = BUDS),

2 Extremely important (ESSENTIAL) it (it = -TI-) comes back between German city (ESSEN-) and Alabama (-AL) (ESSENTIAL),

3 Drive off (drive off/retreat = -ROUT) behind Turkish leader (leader of Turkey = T-) (TROUT) for rainbow (rainbow TROUT),

4 Well-informed (LEARNED) Shakespearean play (King LEAR-) for study (study = den = -NED) preparation (LEARNED),

5 Drives (STREETS) approach lough (-REE-) on both sides from different roads (ST-TS) (STREETS),

7 It needs to be raised (ALARM raised) as it’s sound as a bell perhaps (ALARM is sound of a bell),

8 Olive’s (GREEN) home (HOUSE)? It’s gas when you say it like that (GREENHOUSE gas),

9 Move nearer (APPROACH) as a (A) minister (PP) caught a fish (ROACH) (APPROACH),

14 Heavens above (SKY-)! Fight (-SCRAP-) in hospital (-ER) (SKYSCRAPER) has very high profile (SKYSCRAPER),

16 Strange-looking card (card = wit = TWI-) comes across sharp practice (-STING) on top of (TWISTING) dancing (TWISTING),

18 Fighter (paratrooper = PARA-) with diagram (-GRAPH) (PARAGRAPH) breaks one’s words (PARAGRAPH breaks one’s words/sentences),

20 Record sign (‘REC’ sign on equipment = REC-) catches me (-I-) with first lady (-E-VE) (RECEIVE) – get it? (RECEIVE it),

21 Fell head over heels (TUMBLED) as stomach (TUM-) lost blood (-BLED) (TUMBLED),

23 Make Croat (croat = ACTOR) lead (ACTOR),

25 Named as a tribute to (named AFTER) in spite of all (in spite of = AFTER all),

26 To cast a brief eye (PEEP) whatever way you look at it (PEEP).