Crosaire No 14901 by Crossheir – Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wed, Oct 3, 2012, 23:59



1 Friend of Dickens (Charles Dickens final book = ‘Our MUTUAL Friend’) rearranging umlaut (umlaut  = MUTUAL)

4 Jolly good (SPIFFING) to revolve (SP-IN-) around one (-I-) very loud (-FF-) with head of Government (head of Government = -G) (SPIFFING),

9 Lawyer (SC) mentioned on roll (ROLL) (SCROLL) of parchment (SCROLL),

10 Texts read during opera (LIBRETTI) for new arrangement of ‘Freebird’ (Free = LIBRE- + bird = tit = -TTI) (LIBRETTI),

12 Devout (HOLY-) good man (-ST-) is a figure (figure = 1 = -ONE) (HOLYSTONE) needing deck scrubber (HOLYSTONE is a piece of sandstone, so-called by sailors who had to kneel to scrub decks),

13 They all agree (YESES) – see (see = -ESE-) a way through second last letters (second last letter = Y + plural = Ys = Y-S) (YESES),

14 Portion of (PIECE OF) four by two (4×2 = 8 = EIGHT) once passed for cash in Spain (PIECE OF EIGHT = old Spanish dollar equivalent to eight ‘reals’),

18 Sponsor (PATRON) ain’t (-AINT-) in boat (S-S) (PATRON SAINTS) for Peter and Andrew (Peter and Andrew are PATRON SAINTS),

21 Doctrine (CREDO) for eccentric codger (codger = CREDO),

22 Perhaps sick and tired (AD NAUSEAM) of father (da = AD-) coming back feeling not well (-NAUSEA-) with Frenchman (Monsieur = -M) (AD NAUSEAM),

24 Having to make something of one ATM card (I+ATM+card = DRAMATIC) is extraordinary (DRAMATIC),

25 Sort of noise outside (RAT-TAT) that usually opens doors (RAT-TAT),

26 Pick me up (CAFFEINE) from accountant (CA-) with very loud (-FF-) German article (-EINE) CAFFEINE),

27 Very little (TEENSY), in a way, seen (seen = -EENS-) between Turkish (T-) and Yemeni (-Y) leaders (TEENSY).


1 Lady (MISS-) Luck (-HAP-) going east (-E) (MISSHAPE) not in good form (MISSHAPE),

2 Sets the pulse racing (THRILLER) as nearly there (nearly there = ther = TH-ER) over small stream (-RILL-) (THRILLER),

3 It put Ireland on the map (ATLAS) for man associated with mountains (ATLAS was a Titan forced to support the heavens and is identified with the Atlas Mountains),

5 The best in show (PRIZEWINNING) champion (PRIZE-) taking first place (-WINNER) (PRIZEWINNING),

6 Tangled soft hairy (soft hairy = FORSYTHIA) shrub casts a yellow light in spring (yellow flowers of FORSYTHIA in spring),

7 Talent spotter (IQ TEST) from island (I-) puts question (-Q) on trial (TEST) (IQ TEST),

8 Make young woman (girls = GRILS-) point (compass point East = -E) (GRILSE) to returning salmon (GRILSE),

11 A dogsbody (a dog’s body = CONFORMATION) provides trick (CON-) questionnaire (-FORM-) at (-AT-) a charge (-ION) (CONFORMATION),

15 Peter out (to peter out = to EVAPORATE) getting Eva (EVA-) back to work (work = operation = op = -PO-) at any rate (-RATE) (EVAPORATE),

16 Boiled egg (a boiled egg is UNBEATEN) always first (first place/prize is always UNBEATEN),

17 Figure (figure = 1 = I-) with unspecified amount (-SOME-) to try (-TRY) (ISOMETRY) to look the same (ISOMETRY),

19 Account (A-C) of detective (-CID-) cavorting with one (-I-) (ACIDIC) with sharp taste (ACIDIC),

20 In the interest of another (on BEHALF of), looking back it’s just flab (flab = B-ALF) on person (he = EH) (BEHALF),

23 Make use (US-E) of silver (-AG-) inside (USAGE), in a manner of speaking (mode of expression = USAGE).