Crosaire No 14900 by Crossheir – Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tue, Oct 2, 2012, 23:59



8 In place of (IN LIEU of) life insurance without Frances (life insurance without Frances = lieinu  = IN LIEU),

9 Such unskilled jockeys (AMATEURS) perhaps are not as mature (as mature = AMATEURS),

10 Rose (rose WINE) in (-IN-) between you and me (you and me = W-E) (WINE),

11 Skill (HANDICRAFT) one (-I-) has keeping worker (worker = HAND-) off boat (-CRAFT) (HANDICRAFT),

12 French cabinet (BUREAU) produces division (division/department = BUREAU),

14 Small images (TERAPHIM) providing Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = TE-) with music (-RAP-) to bring to him (-HIM) (TERAPHIM),

15 Can’t for the life of me put a name to (WHATCHAMACALLIT) name-dropper (WHATCHAMACALLIT) perhaps,

18 For God’s sake (PREACHR) reach (-REACH-) inside for each (P-ER) (PREACHER),

20 Wartime intelligence agency (Office of Strategic Services = OSS-), for your information (fyi = -IFY), distorted (OSSIFY) job of bonesetters (OSSIFY),

22 Bemoan bail (bemoan bail = ABOMINABLE) arranged for the morally obnoxious (ABOMINABLE),

24 Girl (LEA-) Friday (-F) (LEAF) out of one’s tree (LEAF),

25 At a stretch (ELONGATE), the Spanish (the = EL-) are on (-ON-) the way out (-GATE) (ELONGATE),

26 Make it better (ENRICH) for sweetheart (heart/centre of swEet = E-) to hang out with Napoleon (-N-) who’s not short of a few bob (-RICH) (ENRICH).


1 Is (is = SI-) upset surrounded by new unit (unit = IN -TU) (IN SITU) in original place (IN SITU),

2 Scrabble flat piece (TILE) on the house (TILE),

3 Repeat not another word (not another word = HUSH + repeated = HUSH-HUSH) as it’s top secret (HUSH-HUSH),

4 Black stuff (TAR-) going north (-N) (TARN) produces lake of mountain water (TARN),

5 Artist (RA-) going out to sea (-PIER) (RAPIER) has a point (RAPIER sword),

6 Import sole (import sole = METROPOLIS) gone off from the city (METROPOLIS),

7 Irish love (GRA-) to party (-FF-) with it (-IT) on island (-I) (GRAFFITI) addressing counter-culture (GRAFFITI),

13 Design pattern around men (pattern + men = ENTRAPMENT) to catch criminal going down wrong way (ENTRAPMENT),

14 It (it = TI-) turns up big in Ireland (big = -MOR) (TIMOR) for Malay Archipelago (TIMOR),

16 Cousin of Bunny (HARE-), a big noise, (-BELL) (HAREBELL) from Bluebell  (bluebell/bellflower is also called a HAREBELL),

17 Head of clan (head of Clan = C-) to get rid of (-LOSE-) cups and saucers (-SET) (CLOSE-SET) with little between them (CLOSE-SET),

19 Sounds like how to display wardrobe (display wardrobe = clothes on hanger = HANGAR) from home when not up in the air (home for aircraft = HANGAR),

21 If (if = FI-) coming up most of the way to the races (most of Ascot  = -ASCO-) (FIASCO), it’s a disaster (FIASCO),

23 Sounds like got B+, B-, and B (B’s = BEES) for competitions to be word-perfect (‘Spelling BEES’ = a spelling competition)

24 Keep out of sight (LURK) from old city (-UR-) in county Limerick (L-K) (LURK).