Crosaire No 14899 by Crossheir – Monday, October 1, 2012

Mon, Oct 1, 2012, 23:59



8 Adorable (SWEETEST) small (-WEE-) square (S-) is first put to the test (-TEST) (SWEETEST),

9 Reaction to opportunity (LEAP AT opportunity) causes Patrick (-P AT) to approach Lea (LEA-) (LEAP AT),

10 Perhaps heart-broken (ANGINA), girl (AN-NA) holds onto soldier (-GI-) (ANGINA),

11 Exaggerated (INFLATED) the perfect tyre (the perfect tyre is INFLATED),

12 Make point (REMARK) about (RE-) gospel writer (-MARK) (REMARK),

13 Smashing try (try = -YR-T-) getting involved in aging (aging = G-A-ING) (GYRATING) shuffle of wild dancing (GYRATING),

15 Take knot out of skeleton (skeleton without ‘knot’ = sele = ELSE) or otherwise (or ELSE),

17 To Wilde (to Wilde = LOW TIDE) beget the shallow water (LOW TIDE),

19 Wash one’s hands of (ABANDON) a (A-) town in Cork (-BANDON) (ABANDON),

22 A (A-) reserved (-SHY) (ASHY) pale type (ASHY),

24 Do nothing (IDLE) to speak (TALK) of ridiculous banter (IDLE TALK),

27 Design arms (TATTOO) for Chinese philosophy (TA-O-) to take over island race (-TT-) order (-O) (TATTOO),

29 General summons in the past (CALLED UP) gives award (C- UP) covering all (-ALL-) those going to editor (-ED) (CALLED UP),

30 Gets carried away by love (ELOPER) skipping march (ELOPER skipping wedding march),

31 Draws breath perhaps (a lung compartment = AIR SAC) from intelligence agency (CIA =AI-C) returning over African country (Republic of South Africa = -RSA-) (AIR SAC),

32 Sprang from (EMANATED) A-Team (ateam = -MA-ATE-) hiding in fresh shelter (shelter = den = E-N-D) (EMANATED).


1 Put another way, get (get = -T-GE) over win (-WIN-) (TWINGE) that causes spasm (TWINGE),

2 It’s…it’s… it’s… (HESITANT) Oh, I’m unsure (HESITANT),

3 Cards (-PACK-) in grass (RE-ED) (REPACKED) wrapped up again (REPACKED),

4 Yarns (STRINGS) involving swindles (swindles = stings = ST-INGS) about revolutionary leader (lead/beginning of Revolutionary = -R-) (STRINGS),

5 Everybody in favour of (ALL FOR) not going against (ALL FOR),

6 Saturday (SA-T) reveals transport (-VAN-) (SAVANT) for intellectual (SAVANT),

7 Method of fighting (LACE INTO) causing fabric (LACE) to break in two (in two = IN TO) (lace in to = LACE INTO), reportedly,

14 Yes (YEAH) -man (he = – E-H) comes back over exclamation (Ah = Y-A) (YEAH),

16 French articles (le+la = LEAL) mirror old Scottish honesty (LEAL),

18 It’s not new (OLD), the French (the = LA-) can (-TIN) (OLD LATIN) say it in ancient Rome (OLD LATIN spoken in ancient Rome),

20 Incidentally (BY THE WAY), get Belarus (Belarus = BY) to return you and me (we = -E W-) in Athy (Athy = TH- -AY) ensemble (BY THE WAY),

21 All over the place on a Latin (on a Latin = NATIONAL) state (NATIONAL),

23 Boxer’s training (SKIP-) gym (Physical Education = -PE-) registered (-R) (SKIPPER) on the ropes (person who skips = SKIPPER) perhaps,

25 Followed instruction presently from 29 across (followed instruction ‘called up’ = meaning to ENLIST) meaning to put pen to paper (pen to paper = sign up = ENLIST),

26 Father (da = AD-) turns out to be Italian leader (-DUCE) ADDUCE), for instance (ADDUCE),

28 Close look (EYED) at Russian river (OB) (OBEYED) is carried out (OBEYED).