Crosaire No 14898 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sun, Sep 30, 2012, 23:59



1 What happened to cowardly lion (LOST ONE’S NERVE) and the chicken (LOST ONE’S NERVE) perhaps?

10 Start confession (OH MY GOD I am heartily sorry) for nothing (O = OH), say, I own (MY) has to do with man upstairs (GOD) (OH MY GOD),

11 Redcoat (redcoat = ART DECO) flawed from 1920s (ART DECO),

12 Don’t keep it to yourself (TELL) following Kay (following K is L = -ELL) say after tea (T-) (TELL),

13 Sounds like one the farmer has, (a fowl = A FOUL) the referee sees (A FOUL),

15 Sash (BELT) band (BELT),

17 Man about town (FOP) carried by self-opinion (self-opinion carries ‘fop’ = selF-OPinion),

19 Wife and girlfriend (Wife And Girlfriend = -WAG-) among those originally called (NE-E) (NEW AGE) alternative movement (NEW AGE),

21 Relatively speaking (COUSIN), you and me (-US-) are in the money (CO-IN) (COUSIN),

22 Easily recite (REEL OFF) what you might do to 20 down if you catch him (REEL OFF),

23 Travel agency (HOSTEL) for the youth of Ireland (youth of Ireland = An Oige = HOSTEL),

25 Count (CENSUS) asks where you were born (CENSUS),

27 A (A-) pound (-LB) (ALB) for Sunday dress (ALB) perhaps,

29 Wow! (PHEW) Close cut (-HEW) following head of police (head of Police = P-) (PHEW),

30 Goes on ahead (TIARA) when one (-I) is in Meath (T-ARA) (TIARA),

31 All sorts of baloney (BLAH) for barman (Bachelor of Law = BL-) making exclamation (-AH) (BLAH),

34 Diabolical (SATANIC) for IMF to take leave of fanaticism (fanaticism without ‘IMF’ = anatcis = SATANIC),

35 Studio (ATELIER) makes allowance (allowance = rate = ATE-R) to cover lie (-LIE-) (ATELIER),

36 Close one’s mind perhaps (LOST IN THOUGHT) to what’s forgotten (LOST) in (IN) theory (THOUGHT) (LOST IN THOUGHT).


2 Current law (OHM’S LAW about electric current) gives one (I) sign of similar (similar to/equal to sign is =) victory (V) over rebel leader (leader of Rebel = R) (OHM’S LAW is I = V/R),

3 Precious metal (Ag = -GA) reflected over to (TO-) (TOGA) give Roman garb (TOGA),

4 Forty winks perhaps (NOD OFF) for Mafia head (don = NOD) coming back on leave (on leave = OFF) (NOD OFF),

5 Grab with both hands (SNAP UP) small drink (S-UP) over bet of the day (‘nap of the day’ = -NAP-) (SNAP UP),

6 Puts away (EATS) broken seat (seat = EATS),

7 Beetle (VW Beetle = V-W-) that is (that is = i.e. = -IE-) inside hospital wards (ER+S = -ERS) (VIEWERS) gets an audience (VIEWERS),

8 Message in a bottle (LOST IN THE POST) perhaps following mail drop (LOST IN THE POST),

9 Got something off your chest (LOST ONE’S SHIRT) as all bets were off (LOST ONE’S SHIRT),

14 Surprise (OOH) the French (the = LA) foreign article (the = LA) is risky in Paris (OOH LA LA),

16 Be of the same mind (AGREE) it’s just about one from Athens (a Greek ‘just about’ is without ‘K” = a Gree = AGREE),

18 Replacement reg of (reg of = GOFER) filmgoer perhaps (GOFER is person/‘runner’ on a film set who goes for errands/messages = filmgoer),

20 Returns shelter (shelter = lee = EEL) for water twister (EEL),

21 Sounds like a football club (CFC) in cold storage in short (chlorofluorocarbon gas in refrigerants =- CFC),

24 Isn’t the first (STEP TWO) direction from manual (STEP TWO),

26 How mean (SELFISH) to sound like a trade with 20 down (a trade with 20 down [eel] is to ‘sell fish’ = SELFISH),

27 Cold comfort (AIR CON) providing gas (AIR) trick (CON) (AIR CON),

28 Brother (BRO-) sends first letter (-A-) to Switzerland (-CH) (BROACH) to raise sensitive subject (BROACH),

32 Taking care of business (ON IT) going around (O-) fool (-NIT) (ON IT),

33 Upstart (start of Up = -U) follows folk (MEN-) (MENU) providing food for thought (MENU) perhaps.