Crosaire No 14897 by Crossheir – Friday, September 28, 2012

Fri, Sep 28, 2012, 23:59



1 Sailor (sailor nickname = tar = T-AR) grasps point (compass point South = -S-) (TSAR) on ruler (TSAR),

4 Explanation (EXPOSITION) for former (EX-) stance (-POSITION) (EXPOSITION),

9 Doctor (DR-) Evil (evil = -IVEL) is made out (DRIVEL) to be rubbish (DRIVEL),

10 Huge number (TRILLION) not (not = T-ON) coming back over stream (-RILL-) at one (-I-) (TRILLION),

11 Pass beyond (OVERSTEP) pets (pets = -STEP) going back to father (Rev = -VER-) with nothing (O-) (OVERSTEP),

12 Tail end (end of taiL = L) of owls (OWLS) fly away (‘L’ flies away/leaves ‘OWLS’ = -OWS-) in dry (DR-Y) (DROWSY) half sleep (DROWSY),

13 Open up (UNDO) with a French (a = UN-) party (-DO) (UNDO),

15 Absolutely nothing at all sweet (‘I know sweet FANNY ADAMS about something’ = ‘I know nothing at all’) getting stew at sea (FANNY ADAMS = also ‘a nautical term for tinned meat or stew’) (origin of FANNY ADAMS: murder victim c. 1870s),

17 Release (FREE-) soldier (-LANCER) (FREELANCER) not on general staff (a FREELANCER is not staff),

19 No money (RUIN) for first person (-I-) in race (RU-N) (RUIN),

20 In favour of (PRO-) suitable (-FIT) (PROFIT) way to make money (PROFIT),

22 Safeguard (HEDGE-) against bounce (-HOP) (HEDGEHOP) flying low over obstacles (HEDGEHOP is to fly low over obstacles),

25 More honest (SINCERER) since (SINCE-) getting to about (-RE-) middle of March (middle of MaRch = -R) (SINCERER),

26 Reason for meeting (AGENDA) at that stage of life (AGE-) confused Danny (Dan = -NDA) (AGENDA),

27 Fine (GOOD) I’d (-ID-) gotten involved in a fight (FR-AY) (GOOD FRIDAY) before Easter (GOOD FRIDAY),

28 Expression (TERM) for teaching someone a lesson? (TERM).


2 Get really old clerk (SCRIVENER) to arrange service (service = SC-IVE-ER) to shelter Roscommon (RN = -R-N-) (SCRIVENER),

3 Person can’t stay still (a ROVER moves around) with dog (dog = ROVER),

4 Brilliant display in France (ECLAT) is late (late = E-LAT) in a way around castle (-C-) (ECLAT),

5 Take advantage of (PUT UPON) silly sulky expression (pout = -T -UPO-) masked by joke (PU- N) (PUT UPON),

6 Camouflaged sniper (sniper = SPIN -ER) keeps dry (DRY-) (SPIN DRYER) in utility room (SPIN DRYER),

7 Fresh alert (alert = TAL-ER) covering liege (liege Lord = -LORD-) (TALL ORDER) is a lot to ask (TALL ORDER),

8 Vagrants (HOBOES) lose head (H – ‘hoboes’ without ‘h’ = OBOES) on blowers (OBOES),

14 Having sincere expression (OPEN-FACED) before closing (OPEN-) untidy Café Dee (Café + D = faced = -FACED) say (OPEN-FACED),

15 Toady (FLATTERER) uniform (FLAT-) for Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = -TE-) about (-RE-) right (-R) (FLATTERER),

16 Does this catalogue (MAIL ORDER catalogue) what postmaster general gave to postman? (MAIL ORDER),

18 She (-HER-) is stuck together (COHERED) in the middle of breaking code  (code = CO-ED) (COHERED),

21 Draw in one (-I-) wild horn (horn = RH-NO) (RHINO) for plant lover from Africa (RHINO),

23 Have words with yourself (DIARY) about what happened to you (DIARY),

24 Discharge (EJECT) jet (jet =EJ-T) breaking up over European Community (-EC-) (EJECT).