Crosaire No 14896 by Crossheir – Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thu, Sep 27, 2012, 23:59



1 Mother superior (Sr = S-R) has broken ties (ties = -ISTE-) (SISTER) in the family (SISTER in the family),

4 Going some of the way around (CRESCENT), college head (College head = C-) is on about (-RE-) smell (-SCENT) (CRESCENT),

9 It’s incredible (UNREAL) to make run (run = UNR-) for alcoholic concoction (ale = -EAL) (UNREAL),

10 Nothing (O-) to do with brother (-B-R) hiding what waiter did (-SERVE-) (OBSERVER) for eyewitness (OBSERVER),

12 Seasoning (PEPPER-) on (-ON-) one (-I) (PEPPERONI) is over the top in Italian cuisine (PEPPERONI),

13 My (my = -YM-) going back inside the (TH-E) (THYME) part of the mint family (THYME is part of the mint family),

14 Sounds like golfer with club (open faced club or ‘open sand wedge’ club = OPEN SANDWICH) has a slice for lunch (OPEN SANDWICH = made with one slice of bread),

18 Regimented as (regimented as = DISAGREEMENT) strange difference of opinion (DISAGREEMENT),

21 Mythical giant (TROLL) follows line behind boat (TROLL),

22 Nelly (NE-LLY) oversees breaking of vendetta (vendetta = feud = -EDFU-) (NEEDFULLY) in an essential manner (NEEDFULLY),

24 Is this what it means for an artist to talk through one’s hat (MILLINER expresses him/herself through their creations) turning heads? (MILLINER),

25 Uncover (TURN UP) sheep (sheep = tup = T- UP) hiding vase (vase = -URN-) (TURN UP),

26 Humpty Dumpty and friends (EGGHEADS) are great intellectuals (EGGHEADS),

27 Greek character (-NU-) caught in old ground (PEA-T) (PEANUT) for monkeys (PEANUT).


1 Strikes a pose (SCULPTOR) working on rock face (SCULPTOR),

2 Street (ST-) music (-RAP-) on piano (-P-) gets to editor (-ED) (STRAPPED) short of money (STRAPPED),

3 Remove all traces of (ERASE) crocus from racecourses (racecourses without ‘crocus’ = raees = ERASE),

5 Go on about (RABBIT on/talk at length) breeding ground (WARREN) on top of Buck’s (buck = RABBIT) home (WARREN) (RABBIT WARREN),

6 Pat Eccles (Pat Eccles = SPECTACLE) makes a laughingstock (SPECTACLE) of himself,

7 Ambassadors (ENVOYS) express agreement (yes = -E-YS) admitting November (Nov = -NVO-) doesn’t look right (ENVOYS),

8 Turns into bad habit  (bad habit = rut = TUR-) with foundation (-KEY) (TURKEY) near Greece (TURKEY),

11 Make a wish here (FOUNTAIN-) at beginning of (head of = -HEAD) FOUNTAINHEAD) spring (spring = the original source of something = FOUNTAINHEAD),

15 Is this what artists do (STILL LIFE is what artists do) to watch paint dry? (STILL LIFE = don’t move = watch paint dry)?,

16 Straighten up bend (bend = BED-N) over border (-LINE-) (BED LINEN) providing you sleep on it (BED LINEN),

17 No way to go (STAYS PUT) for 15 down perhaps (still life = STAYS PUT),

19 Prevent progress of (STYMIE) one (-I-) coming between me (-M-E) and mess (STY-) that’s ahead (STYMIE),

20 Irish setter (DOG-) with one limb (-LEG) (DOGLEG) is going around the bend of course (DOGLEG is a where the golfer can’t see the green on a bend on the golf course),

23 Infection (FLU-) of Kildare (-KE) (FLUKE) wasn’t meant to happen but it did  (FLUKE).