Crosaire No 14895 by Crossheir – Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wed, Sep 26, 2012, 23:59



1 Sent in from benedictions (take ‘sent in’ from benedictions = bedico – BODICE) for wearing vest (BODICE),

4 How embarrassing (ABASHING) for a (A-) graduate (-BA-) to climb up (shin up = -SHIN-) Galway head (head of Galway = G) (ABASHING),

9 Pat (pat = tap = TA-P) comes back across you (-U-) near Kildare (-KE-) (TAKE UP) to accept offer (TAKE UP),

10 Chipper (Macari = MACAR-I) takes on (-ON-) (MACARONI) traditional Italian dish (MACARONI),

12 Duck (EIDER-) not up (-DOWN) (EIDERDOWN) for sleepover (EIDERDOWN),

13 Dead ringer (KNELL) for pepper (cayenne pepper = KN) sprinkled on old measure of textile (-ELL) (KNELL),

14 It’s as plain as nose on one’s face (UNMISTAKABLE) for organisation (United Nations = UN-) to nearly make mistake (nearly ‘mistake’ = -MISTAK-) with first victim (Abel = -ABLE) say,

18 Be good enough (MAKE THE GRADE) to force (MAKE) the (THE) Irish love (GRA-) of the French (of the = de = -DE) (MAKE THE GRADE),

21 Bring to mind (EVOKE) first lady (EV-E) overseeing agreement (-OK-) (EVOKE),

22 Anyone (anyone = ANNOY-E) diverse outside African National Congress (-ANC-) causes irritation (ANNOYANCE),

24 Play around with score in a  (score in a = SCENARIO) plot (SCENARIO),

25 Looking back, August (Aug = GU-A) covers no (no = nay = -YAN-) (GUYANA) country in South America (GUYANA),

26 Chat lines (PHONE-INS) ring (PHONE-) to get something wrong (sin = -INS) (PHONE-INS),

27 Schedule (AGENDA) needs long time (AGE-) to make karate grade (dan = -NDA) (AGENDA).


1 Sweet talk (BUTTER UP) requires addition of note (music note = C) for yellow flower (BUTTER CUP),

2 Former independent territories (DUKEDOMS) of the French (of the = DU-) look to Kenya (-KE-) to do (-DO-) manuscript (-MS) (DUKEDOMS),

3 Iris Murdoch hasn’t got idioms (Iris Murdoch without ‘idioms’ = rurch = CHURR) for trilling sound (CHURR),

5 On mind (BRAIN-), weight (TON) provides capital (WASHINGTON) (BRAINWASHING) for indoctrinating (BRAINWASHING),

6 Flash (SPARK) near Cork (cork = PLUG) (SPARK PLUG) provokes firing (SPARK PLUG provokes firing of engine),

7 Smoothed over (IRONED) to get rid (rid = IR-D) of one (-ONE-) inside (IRONED),

8 Gruesome (GRISLY) for Greece (GR-) and one (-I-) who is clever (-SLY) (GRISLY),

11 In the nineties (person aged between 90 to 99 = NONAGENARIAN), no (NO-) poor horse (-NAG-) east (-E-) of strange-looking Narnia (Narnia = -NARIAN) NONAGENARIAN),

15 Gone off (STALE-) friend (-MATE) (STALEMATE) not making any progress (STALEMATE),

16 Keep up (MAINTAIN) important (MAIN-) Irish legend (-TAIN) (MAINTAIN),

17 A dreamer (a dreamer = DEMERARA) foolishly browned off in Guyana perhaps (DEMERARA is a brown sugar from Guyana),

19 Mishandle situation (MESS UP) bringing cat in end (cat = puss = -SS-UP) back to me (ME-) (MESS UP),

20 Brother (B-RO) boxes dishevelled Leo (Leo = -OLE-) (BOLERO) after dance (BOLERO),

23 You (YOU-) and Mark (exam mark = No Grade = -NG) are not too old (YOUNG).