Crosaire No 14894 by Crossheir – Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tue, Sep 25, 2012, 23:59



8 Pressed suit in (suit in = IN SITU) in its original place (IN SITU),

9 Swiss (CH-) pilots (-AIRMEN) (CHAIRMEN) get leadership roles (CHAIRMEN),

10 No rest (no rest = WORK) for Renoir leaving ironworker (ironworker without ‘Renoir’ = work = WORK),

11 Cup (TROPHY) with the missus (WIFE) adds glamour and kudos to old married husband (TROPHY WIFE = young, attractive wife regarded as a status symbol for an older man),

12 Feed for the duck (DABBLE = is how a duck feeds) doesn’t work very well (DABBLE = work in a superficial way),

14 Come (COM-E) across high-performance car (-MERC-) (COMMERCE) for buying and selling (COMMERCE),

15 Complimentary (FREE) tie (ASSOCIATION) for forming political alliance (FREE ASSOCIATION),

18 Best of gear (GLAD RAGS) for lad (-LAD) joining regular army (RA-) sheltered by horses (GGs = G-GS) (GLAD RAGS),

20 Sister (Sr = S-R) hiding Eoin (-ENIO-) in a way (SENIOR) from man holding position of power (SENIOR),

22 Sounds like cathedral staff member (Canon = CANNON-) with globe (globe = -BALL) (CANNONBALL) gets fired (CANNONBALL),

24 Travelling through (VIA-) Lima (-L) (VIAL) needs bottle (VIAL),

25 Tricking (BLUFFING) paramilitary organisation (Ulster Freedom Fighter = -UFF-) to cover itself with ostentatious regalia (bling = BL-ING) (BLUFFING),

26 Not (NOT-) one (-I-) to go on (-ON) (NOTION) hunch (NOTION).


1 Long-haired Bunny (ANGORA) gets green light (-GO-) in funny looking Aran (Aran = AN-RA), (ANGORA),

2 Type of salmon (PINK) in (-IN) middle of game reserve (game reserve = park = P-K) (PINK),

3 In the end, fortune-teller (seer = -REES) returns tea (-T-), flipping cup (mug = GUM-) (GUM TREES) full of eucalyptus oil (GUM TREES),

4 Copy (ECHO) for paper (ECHO),

5 Make sense of (FATHOM) breaking promise (promise = oath = -ATHO-) in broadcast wave (F-M) (FATHOM),

6 Bullied (BROWBEATEN) Br (BR-) Owen (Owen = -OW-EN) to uncover rhythm (-BEAT-) (BROWBEATEN),

7 Sounds good for Spaniards (‘good’ in Spanish = PERFECTO) needing a light (need a light for PERFECTO cigar),

13 Easy money (money informally = BREAD) found near fork (KNIFE) from bakery (BREAD KNIFE),

14 Civil service (C-S) cover up spring (-HOP-) (CHOPS) lamb found at butchers (CHOPS),

16 Regarding (RE-) the French (the = -LE) taking in bond (bond = bail = -LIAB-) to go back (RELIABLE) to being trustworthy (RELIABLE),

17 It (I-T) is about making Nelson (Nelson = -NSOLEN-) out (INSOLENT) to be bad mannered (INSOLENT),

19 A (A-) release (-UNTIE) (AUNTIE) for family member (AUNTIE),

21 Two types of French gold (French gold/gold tincture = or = OR-OR) found over at (-AT-) (ORATOR) public speaker (ORATOR),

23 Seaweed (ALGA) found in botanical garden (ALGA in botanicAL GArden)

24 A show of hands (VOTE) to (to = -OT-) reverse being taken in by Allied victory (V-E) (VOTE).