Crosaire No 14893 by Crossheir – Monday, September 24, 2012

Mon, Sep 24, 2012, 23:59



8 Graduate (BA-) doctor (-MB-) loves (love in tennis = O; loves = -OO-) (BAMBOO), woody grass (BAMBOO),

9 In the red (OWE A DEBT) for nothing (O-) we (-WE) do with a (A) bill (DEBT) (OWE A DEBT),

10 Greasy (OILY) taking rats from royalist (royalist without ‘rats’ = oyli = OILY),

11 What burglar does (BREAKS INTO) for rifts (BREAKS) with teacher’s union initially (Irish National Teachers’ Organisation = INTO) (BREAKS INTO),

12 Russell (A.E. = A-E) rings American city (New York = -NY-) on (-ON-) (ANY ONE) needing singular fellow (ANY ONE),

14 Cheat (DO-) the country (-NATION) (DONATION) giving something away (DONATION),

15 Dismiss with contempt (LAUGH OUT OF COURT) twitter (LAUGH) with settlement on the steps (settlement on the steps = OUT OF COURT settlement),

18 Start playing golf (TEE-) finding range (range = -NAGER) (TEENAGER) before reaching twenty (TEENAGER),

20 Put (INSERT) ‘er (-ER-) in small academy (academy = institution = inst. = INS-T),

22 Going ahead of army (SCOUT TROOP) they have to be prepared (SCOUT TROOP motto is ‘Be Prepared’)

24 Man’s big voice (ALTO) has changed a lot (a lot = ALTO),

25 It’s a dribble (a dribble  = AD-LIBBER) in a way from person not stuck for words (AD-LIBBER),

26 Number of years (age = A-GE) admitting Edgar Allan (Edgar Allan Poe = -PO-E-) (APOGEE) reaches highest point in his development (APOGEE).


1 State (NATION) party (DO-) (DONATION) provides leadership to contribution (DONATION),

2 Give in to (OBEY) nothing (O-) to do with governor (-BEY) (OBEY),

3 Rome Bros (Rome bros = SOMBRERO) come to be a bit shady in Mexico (Mexican SOMBRERO offers shade),

4 Fine China (BONE China) from Schull, say (Schull = skull = BONE),

5 Wear out (WEAKEN) what sounds like little (wee = WEA-) Kenneth (-KEN) (WEAKEN) from Belfast (WEAKEN),

6 Inside moves (A-CTIONS) did (did = -DDI-) seem like (ADDICTIONS) bad habits (ADDICTIONS),

7 Dead end for sheep (ABATTOIR) is real shambles (ABATTOIR),

13 Beat (MUSIC) from the heart (ORGAN music) (ORGAN MUSIC) heard in theatre (ORGAN MUSIC) perhaps,

14 Do (DO-) right (-R) to include Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = -TE-) (DOTER) providing father excessively fond of child (DOTER),

16 Nothing (O) to do with one (I) in Dublin  (OI = Dublin telephone AREA CODE) providing neighbourhood (AREA) morality (CODE),

17 Just (FAIR PLAY) go on Big Wheel (Big Wheel = fairground amusement = FAIR PLAY) perhaps,

19 Just about manages (GETS BY) for Gatsby to drop first letter for sweetheart (Gatsby loses first letter ‘A’ = G-tsby) for sweetheart (heart of swEet = E; replaces A with E = getsby = GETS BY),

21 Gone off (ROTTEN) returning snare (snare = net = -TEN) to hill (hill = tor = ROT-) (ROTTEN),

23 They pass time (hours = OURS) reportedly for yours and mine (OURS),

24 Call ship-to-shore (land AHOY) perhaps announcing arrival (AHOY there).