Crosaire No 14892 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sun, Sep 23, 2012, 23:59



1 He’ll (He’ll = HELL) get upon (UPON) planet (EARTH) (HELL UPON EARTH) for what’s a horrible time (HELL UPON EARTH),

10 Well-informed (ERUDITE) rude (rude = ERUD-) awakening gets to it (-IT-) before European (-E) (ERUDITE),

11 Gore (gore = GEOR-) prepared to meet one’s end (-DIE) (GEORDIE) following Tynesider (GEORDIE),

12 Legends (LORE) with role (role = LORE) to play,

13 Religious hypocrite (BIGOT) needs to be influential (BIG-) on Bible (old testament = -OT) (BIGOT),

15 Sophocles loses chess (Sophocles loses ‘chess’ = opol = POOL) played with a cue (POOL),

17 Central (MID) I’m (I’m = MI-) returned by first of December (first of December = -D) (MID),

19 Before June (MAY-) on border (-HEM) (MAYHEM) joining chaos (MAYHEM),

21 Old artist (BOSCH) includes recipe (-R-) (BORSCH) on soup menu (BORSCH),

22 Tom’s (CAT’S-) view (-EYE) (CAT’S-EYE) at night is one for the road (CAT’S-EYE),

23 Control (GOVERN) head of Government (head of Government = G-) in charge of (-OVER-) north (-N) (GOVERN),

25 Sounds like it’s a spire in Paris (‘Eiffel’ = EYEFUL) needing a long steady look (EYEFUL),

27 What comes from abroad (import) becomes significant (importANT) with sting in its tail (ANT),

29 Brass metal (ZINC) reportedly in the kitchen (sink = ZINC),

30 Plays up (ORGAN ‘plays up’ tuned pipes) in the stomach (ORGAN is in the stomach),

31 Facts and figures (DATA) brings father (D-A) around where it’s at (-AT-) (DATA),

34 In hours, (in hours = NOURISH) not right to provide the right food (NOURISH),

35 Decisive blow (knockout = KO-) expresses agreement (-OK-) that is (i.e. = -IE-) right (-R-) (KOOKIER) for what is more eccentric (KOOKIER),

36 Welcome for old friend (HELLO STRANGER) from devil’s own (HELL-) circle (-O) with newcomer (STRANGER) (HELLO STRANGER).


2 Key (music key = E-) doubt (-QUER-Y) about resistance (-R-) (EQUERRY) from man looking after king’s horses,

3 America city (LA-) comes in (-IN) (LAIN) needing lie from the past (LAIN is past particle of to lie [in wait]),

4 Prudish (PR-IM) about the Spanish (-EL-) (PRELIM) qualifier (PRELIM),

5 Too bad (NO-GOOD) it’s worthless (NO-GOOD),

6 Shortly (ANON), not a yes from France (not a ‘yes’ = a no = a non = ANON),

7 It’s far too long (TEDIOUS) for the Edwards (TED-S) to get over debt (-IOU-) (TEDIOUS),

8 Welcome (HELLO) to ‘Camera Chamber’ (chamber device in a camera = MAGAZINE) providing photos of wives and girlfriends (HELLO MAGAZINE),

9 Fires and brimstones (hells = HELL’S) in two (in two = in HALF) square yards (ACRE) (HELL’S HALF ACRE) of Manhattan slum (HELL’S HALF ACRE),

14 It’s a tonic (GINSENG) to splatter bar (bar = inn = -IN-N-) with broken eggs (eggs = G-SE-G) (GINSENG),

16 Run down (DECRY) editor (ed = DE-) turning back to scream (-CRY) (DECRY),

18 Bouncing babies down under (young kangaroos  = JOEYS) leave mothers out of pocket (JOEYS leave mother’s pouch),

20 Fellow (MAN) referred to in almanac (almanac = MAN),

21 Gets one through when opponent fails to turn up (a transfer to next round of a competition = BYE) to say farewell (BYE),

24 Take a risk (VENTURE) building event (event = VENT-E) around old city (-UR-) (VENTURE),

26 Put old cloth (-RAG-) in folder (F-ILE) (FRAGILE) needing careful label for posting (FRAGILE label),

27 Coordinated search (search = ARCHES) for curved structures (ARCHES),

28 Kant (Kant = TANK-) returns to hospital ward (-ER) for mobile liquids (TANKER),

32 Be on the watch (DIAL on a watch) for hung Dáil (Dáil = DIAL),

33 Highlight (high light = MOON) sounds like cow (MOO-) reaching first of November (first of November  = -N) (MOON).