Crosaire No 14891 by Crossheir – Friday, September 21, 2012

Fri, Sep 21, 2012, 23:59



1 Look after (TEND) taking labour from round table (round table without ‘labour’ NDTE = TEND),

4 Meet one’s Maker perhaps in France (RENDEZVOUS) going after vendor mixed up around Suez (vendor + Suez = RENDEZVOUS),

9 Donkey (AS-S) has collection (-SET) (ASSETS) providing strengths (ASSETS),

10 Glamour (CHAR-M-) boxing is (-IS-) a (-A) (CHARISMA) strength of character (CHARISMA),

11 Strip down (UNCLOTHE) relative (UNCL-E) revealing hot (hot = -OTH-) error (UNCLOTHE),

12 Olive and Jade (Olive and Jade are GREENS) no longer house speciality (no GREENS in the Dáil),

13 Order (FIAT) from car (FIAT car),

15 Lacking a sense of responsibility (UNRELIABLE) making old Italian money (lire = -RELI-) in what’s at a loss (UN-ABLE) (UNRELIABLE),

17 Speak evil of (BLACK MAGIC) being without (-LACK) wise men (MAGI-) in time before Christ (B-C) (BLACK MAGIC),

19 Cover with hinge (LID-) around (-O) (LIDO) swimming pool (LIDO),

20 Nun (S-R) has the manner (-TONE-) (STONER) for one who takes illegal medication informally (STONER),

22 It’s very repetitive (PARAKEET parrot) to wear green plumage with a long tail (PARAKEET parrot),

25 Welshman (David = DAI-) with whomever in France (-QUI-) meets Irish king  (-RI) (DAIQUIRI) for a drink (DAIQUIRI),

26 Be bashful (SH-Y) about modest expression (mim = -IMM-) (SHIMMY) for dance (SHIMMY),

27 Find deep pagans (deep pagans = APPENDAGES) needing projections (APPENDAGES),

28 Go down (SINK) for wrongdoing (SIN-) at weekend (end of weeK = -K) SINK).



2 In Germany (ESSEN), butchering the ending (tail = -TIAL) (ESSENTIAL) is mandatory (ESSENTIAL),

3 In the end, well-to-do (WELL) with Dutch (D-) (DWELL) lodge (DWELL),

4 Change the reading (RESET) regarding (RE-) batch (-SET) (RESET),

5 Greek letter (NU-) transparent (-CLEAR) (NUCLEAR) providing form of energy (NUCLEAR),

6 Gee! Calvin (gee Calvin = EVANGELIC) fabricated this from the Bible (EVANGELIC),

7 How one gets the message (VOICEMAIL) from influence (influence = have a say or VOICE-) at post office (-MAIL) (VOICEMAIL),

8 A (UN) fellow (MAN) in France (UN MAN) has cause to lose self-control and courage  (UNMAN),

14 Manage the quince (the quince = TECHNIQUE) method (TECHNIQUE),

15 No coalition (no coalition = no union = UNMARRIED) providing single allowance (UNMARRIED single allowance tax),

16 Mandela is (Mandela is =  LADIES’ MAN) kind of one who loves the women (LADIES’ MAN),

18 Arabian (Arabian is a horse = G-G) has dreadful cold (cold = nippy = -YPPIN-) (GYPPING) from cheating (GYPPING),

21 Turkish leader (Turkish leader = T-) at head of bank (-RAMP) (TRAMP) begging for a job (TRAMP),

23 You and me (-US-) are going in the right (R-T-) direction (direction South = -S) (RUSTS) providing it loses colour (RUSTS),

24 Comes together (KNITS) to shake, say, peppers (cayenne peppers =KNs =  KN-S) over it (-IT-) (KNITS).