Crosaire No 14890 by Crossheir – Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thu, Sep 20, 2012, 23:59



1 Curtsy (BOW-) to person (-MAN) in boat (BOWMAN is in a boat),

4 Prepare to fight (EMBATTLE) bizarre mate with broken belt (mate + belt = EMBATTLE),

9 Ropes someone in (LARIAT) for a trial (a trial = LARIAT) resolution,

10 Surprisingly no side (no side = ED-IONS) around it (-IT-) (EDITIONS) speaks volumes perhaps (EDITIONS),

12 Provides sensation (NERVE CELL provides sensation) for audacity (NERVE) to keep those in prison (CELL) (NERVE CELL),

13 Stay alert (VIGIL), with the right (-R-) (VIRGIL) encouragement makes a Greek writer (VIRGIL),

14 Put someone to shame (EMBARRASS-) making gin (gin = -ING) (EMBARRASSING) that’s compromising (EMBARRASSING),

18 Nothing mobile about this (TELEPHONE BOX) way of communicating (TELEPHONE BOX),

21 It’s about (about = U-BOAT) breaking up in sinking ship (U-BOAT = submarine),

22 Trinity announced its arrival in 1945 (‘Trinity’ nuclear device in 1945 = start of ATOMIC AGE) needing a (A-) cat (-TOM-) I (-I-) fence in (-C AGE) (ATOMIC AGE),

24 Goes on the wall (PORTRAIT) to save face (PORTRAIT saves face for posterity),

25 Not bad (BENIGN) to find legend (legend = end of leG = -G-) in Africa (Benin = BENI-N) (BENIGN),

26 Take head off leader (leader = President loses head ‘P’ = RESIDENT) going after householder (RESIDENT),

27 Missing key (ATONAL) to breaking European defence (NATO = -TONA-) in Alabama (A-L) (ATONAL).


1 Not good (BA-D) to cover pike (-LANCE-) (BALANCED) with both feet on ground (BALANCED),

2 Pants home (pant’s home = WARDROBE) for struggle (WAR-) with daughter (-D-) wearing kaftan (-ROBE) (WARDROBE),

3 Surprise (AMAZE) from a (A-) jungle (MAZE) (AMAZE),

5 Centre of education (MIDDLE SCHOOL) needs mean (MIDDLE)

way of thinking (SCHOOL of thought),

6 Novel native inn (native inn = ANTIVENIN) will rally you whatever your poison (ANTIVENIN),

7 With Planck’s constant (H) get to the other side of (go THROUGH = TROUGH) pig’s dining arrangements (TROUGH),

8 English (E-) bearing (bearing North = -N-) on Irish girl (-SILE) (ENSILE) makes preparation for feeding animals (ENSILE),

11 Arrived between 1943-1952 (someone born between 1943 and 1952 = SEXAGENARIAN) for one from the sixties (SEXAGENARIAN is someone aged between 60 and 69),

15 Came back in to (RE-ENTERED) go into (-ENTER-) grass (grass = RE-ED) (RE-ENTERED),

16 It’s not a boil (not a boil = OBLATION) by accident offered up to heaven (OBLATION),

17 Goes around house (EXTERNAL) but doesn’t come in (EXTERNAL),

19 Exceptionally large (BUMPER) under the bonnet (BUMPER is under the bonnet of a car),

20 Public grieves (MOURNS) for doctor (MO-) with cremated remains (-URNS) (MOURNS),

23 Not competent (INEPT) to put pen (pen = -NEP-) together in it (I-T) (INEPT).