Crosaire No 14889 by Crossheir – Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wed, Sep 19, 2012, 23:59



1 Stout (PORTLY) haven (PORT-) by the Lee (-LY) say (PORTLY),

4 Reputed to be (PUTATIVE) Argentinean political leader (Evita = -ATIVE) (PUTATIVE) returning with sheep (sheep = tup = PUT-),

9 Bring down (REDUCE) in connection with (RE-) Italian leader (-DUCE) (REDUCE),

10 No justification to claim (ARROGATE) pointer (ARROW) is missing direction (W) (ARRO-) to door (-GATE) (ARROGATE),

12 Greet sage (greet sage = EASTER EGG) hidden from Joy after fasting (joy after fasting for Lent = EASTER EGG),

13 Drawing (drawing together = TYING together) providing Egyptians have no apes (Egyptians without ‘apes’ = gytin = TYING),

14 11d and first of the year (first reg of year = 1 = 11 D 1 = REGISTRATION) following the sign in (REGISTRATION = sign in to register),

18 25 into 435 = 17.4 (LONG DIVISION) yearn for (LONG) what is in the army (DIVISION) (LONG DIVISION),

21 Fish (SPRAT) for that Jack who licked the platter clean (rhyme: “Jack SPRAT could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean, and so between them both, you see, they licked the platter clean”),

22 Carpets (RUNNERS-) not down (-UP) for those who didn’t win (RUNNERS-UP),

24 Impose financial penalty (FINE) on star (star = ARTS) (FINE ARTS) falling for the crafty ones (FINE ARTS),

25 Extraordinarily, I am rid  (i am rid = MID-AIR) of what’s neither going up nor coming down (MID-AIR),

26 Works out October (Oct = -OC-T-) in Kerry (R-KE-RY) (ROCKETRY) for missile research (ROCKETRY = missile research),

27 Outlaw (BANDIT) group (BAND-) making its way to it (-IT) (BANDIT).


1 Get is wrong (-ERR-) with egghead (head of Egg = -E) following division (PART-) (PARTERRE) of fancy flower garden (PARTERRE),

2 Ruby (RED-) finds engineer (-E-) with cue (-SIGN) (REDESIGN) for new plot (REDESIGN),

3 Cruel (cruel = LUCRE) laundering of dirty money (LUCRE),

5 On one’s feet (UPRIGHT) with desperate pain (pain = PIAN-) going around (-O) (UPRIGHT PIANO) with key board (keyboard = UPRIGHT PIANO),

6 First rate (A-I-) around castle (-FORT-) when Rio (-ORI) (A FORTIORI) mingles at end for stronger, more certain reason (A FORTIORI),

7 It (IT-) won’t get to Alice (ALICE not complete = -ALIC) (ITALIC) completely needing sloping type (ITALIC),

8 Turn up (EMERGE) for key (music key = E-) to join forces (-MERGE) (EMERGE),

11 With regard (RE-) to Friday (-FRI-) staging strangulation (garrote = -GERATOR) is quiet chilling (REFRIGERATOR),

15 Miniature (SHORT-) white horse (-WAVE) (SHORTWAVE) is on the air (SHORTWAVE),

16 Irishmen (FIR-) unadventurous (staid = -ST AID) (FIRST AID) caring for one initially (FIRST AID),

17 Encourage and enliven (INSPIRIT) preparation of tears (tears = rips = – SPIR-) in (IN-) it (-IT) (INSPIRIT),

19 Trouble usually follows request (ASK FOR trouble) as fork (as fork = ASK FOR) divides,

20 Not expected (IRONIC) to not be inflexible  (IRON-) in charge (-IC) (IRONIC),

23 By morning (AM) she (ERICA) is on one of the continents (AMERICA).