Crosaire No 14888 by Crossheir – Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tue, Sep 18, 2012, 23:59



8 Be astonished (MARVEL) with clay (MAR-L) thrown over Allies celebration (-VE-) (MARVEL),

9 Regrouped SAS (-ASS) follows brother (BR-) going on ahead (going on a head = HAT) (BRASS HAT) of high-ranking officer (BRASS HAT),

10 Put in picture (TOLD) getting to (TO-) to Longford (-LD) (TOLD),

11 She (SHE-) arranged to stay tight-lipped (mute = -ETMU-), so, thus (‘so, thus’ = -SIC) noteworthy to musicians (SHEET MUSIC),

12 From the end, co-ordinate (a co-ordinate = -Y) as (-AS-) one in France (one = UNE-) (UNEASY) on pins and needles (UNEASY),

14 Advance (LO-AN) covers computer-generated imagery (CGI = -GIC-) production with one (-I-) (LOGICIAN) looking for proof (LOGICIAN),

15 Being in the back is just as important (LAST BUT NOT LEAST) for the significant losers (LAST BUT NOT LEAST),

18 School leaver (EDUCATED) Dee (Dee  =E-ED) goes back over old money (-DUCAT-) (EDUCATED),

20 Not (NO-T) to include former supporter (fan = -N-FA-) (NON-FAT) provides what losers (dieters) look for (dieters might look for NON-FAT items),

22 Ha’penny (Ha’penny BRIDGE-) crown (-HEAD) (BRIDGEHEAD) provides army with strong position (BRIDGEHEAD = an army’s strong position),

24 Pay attention to (HEED) how he’d (HE-D) concealed key (-E-) (HEED),

25 Hopes to be queen (chess PAWN could end up a queen) with store (-SHOP) PAWNSHOP) for House of Lombard (House of Lombard is another name for PAWNSHOP),

26 Be (-B-E-) in the way when Lisa (Lisa = A-S-IL) (ABSEIL) comes back on the rocks but not for long (ABSEIL).


1 Graduate (BA-) blessing (-BOON) for grotesque figure used in architecture (BABOON),

2 Enthusiastic (AVID) father (Da = A-D) comes back about six (-VI-) (AVID),

3 Father’s call (BLESS YOU) provides possible cold comfort (BLESS YOU after a sneeze),

4 Accomplished (ABLE) sailor (seaman) often follows this (seaman) on boat (ABLE seaman),

5 Shabby (RAGTAG) Russian leader (lead of Russian= R-) has tea (-T-) between silver settings (-AG-AG-) (RAGTAG),

6 Coat of arms shield (ESCUTCHEON) gets heard close enough after the start of Saskatchewan  (Saskatchewan without start ‘S’ = askatchewan = sounds close enough to ESCUTCHEON),

7 Dáil cars (Dáil cars = RADICALS) no longer needing progressive politicians (RADICALS),

13 Poker stake (ANTE-) puts editor (-ED-) in the money (-C-ENT) (ANTECEDENT) from ancestor (ANTECEDENT),

14 Get rid of banter carried by dinner table (dinner table without ‘banter’ = dinle = LINED) to leave one wrinkled (LINED),

16 Evergreen (ALDER-) guy (-MAN) goes to old town meetings (ALDERMAN),

17 Sounds like little Anthony (Anthony = TONE-) can’t hear (-DEAF) on top of being inept at taking notes (TONE-DEAF = can’t differentiate between notes),

19 Start to drive of course (tee off at start of golf course = TEE-) at the (-THE) (TEETHE) time to cut pearly whites (TEETHE),

21 Jerk (-TIC) follows master (ACE-) (ACETIC) of acid (ACETIC),

23 Hide Poe (Poe = E-PO) with cross (-X-) (EXPO) for big show-off perhaps (EXPO),

24 In short, it’s not legal (HASH is not legal) getting laugh (HA-) to call for silence (-SH) (HASH).