Crosaire No 14887 by Crossheir – Monday, September 17, 2012

Mon, Sep 17, 2012, 23:59



8 One’s best bib and this (“One’s best bib and TUCKER”) when little Thomas sings for his supper (Little Tommy TUCKER sings for his supper),

9 Easily calmed (PLACABLE) questionable revolution (revolution = lap = PLA-) with line to power (-CABLE) (PLACABLE),

10 Throw in lot (-LOT) with head of police (head of Police = P-) (PLOT) for conspiracy (PLOT),

11 See nothing under one’s nose (FARSIGHTED can’t see things close by) planning cleverly for the future (FARSIGHTED),

12 Puts up (puts up = STUP-) with or (-OR) (STUPOR) is in a state of near-unconsciousness (STUPOR),

14 Make a mistake (-ERR-) if (-IF-) I (-I-) get stuck in court (CT = T-C) (TERRIFIC) returning from something extreme (TERRIFIC),

15 Pets (CATS AND DOGS) jump over shower (RAIN) (RAIN CATS AND DOGS) leading to cloudburst (RAIN CATS AND DOGS),

18 Doctor’s (PRACTICE) fee (PR-ICE) covering performance (-ACT-) (PRACTICE),

20 Flip a coin (VERSOS) to bring father (Rev = VER-) back to join urgent appeal for help (-SOS) (VERSOS),

22 It’s a matter of opinion (GALLUP POLL) providing impudent behaviour (GALL-) that’s awake (-UP) with show of hands (POLL) (GALLUP POLL),

24 Leonard leaves Rhode Island (Rhode Island without ‘Leonard’ = hdis = DISH) for recipe (DISH),

25 Created difficulties (HINDERED) for Drake’s golden ship (golden HINDE-) linking up with revolutionary (-RED) (HINDERED),

26 Unhappy (SAD-) at being first (1st = -IST) (SADIST) needing enjoyment from humiliation (SADIST).


1 Foolish person (GULL) meets alien (-ET) (GULLET) as food travels down the canal (GULLET is part of alimentary canal),

2 Sketch (SKIT) head of state (head of State = S-) with tools (-KIT) (SKIT),

3 In favour (PRO) of (of = FO-) returning writing (one of the three ‘Rs’ = -R-) to mother (-MA) (PRO FORMA) as a matter of politeness (PRO FORMA),

4 Horseshoe (SPUR) gives encouragement (SPUR),

5 Transport (CA-R) with the aid of (-VIA-) (CAVIAR) delicacy (CAVIAR),

6 Person streets ahead of everyone else (PATHFINDER) could nearly find (-FIND-) fault  (nearly fault = nearly ‘err’ = -ER) at end of trail (PATH-) (PATHFINDER),

7 Gentle if (gentle if = FLEETING) outrageously short lived (FLEETING),

13 Manage a pain (a pain = PINA -A) and a cold (a cold = COLAD-) (PINA COLADA) with a cocktail (PINA COLADA),

14 State failure (state = TASTE) is sensation on tip of tongue  (TASTE),

16 Adrian (ADRIAN-) loses bearing (bearing North = N) (ADRIA-) and gets a (-A-) spasm (-TIC-) (ADRIATIC) swimming off Italy (ADRIATIC),

17 Imaginative way (NOVEL-) to be first (1st = -IST) (NOVELIST) is one for the books  (NOVELIST),

19 I’m (IM-) uncontaminated (-PURE) (IMPURE) going after what’s mixed up with foreign matters (IMPURE),

21 Funny looking bosses (bosses = OBSESS) prey intrusively on the mind (OBSESS),

23 Chances are (ODDS) they’re on the books (ODDS),

24 Death to the world (DODO) from one party (DO-) to the next (-DO) (DODO).