Crosaire No 14886 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sun, Sep 16, 2012, 23:59



1 Canadian border state (NEW YORK) with insignificant (MINUTE) short time in America (NEW YORK MINUTE),

10 It’s a short clip (EXCERPT) not including (EXCE-PT) Republican (-R-) (EXCERPT),

11 Doctor (MO-) to be set free (-UNTIE) (MOUNTIE) providing law and order in Canada (MOUNTIE),

12 Whimper (MOAN) from man (M-AN) with heart of stone (heart/centre of stOne = -O-) (MOAN),

13 Your (UR-) bar (bar = -BAN) (URBAN) is not rural (not rural = URBAN),

15 It’s a responsibilty (ONUS) to be supported (be ON-) by America (-US) (ONUS),

17 Long swimmer (EEL) gets confused in Cork river (River Lee = EEL),

19 Beaver (NUTRIA) takes air (air = -RIA) back to fan (fan = NUT-) (NUTRIA),

21 Needing to be relaxed (SEDATE) seated (seated = SEDATE) in a bad way,

22 William’s fans march (William III’s victory over James II at the Battle of the Boyne marked by marching on July 12th = TWELFTH) for epiphany in January (epiphany is TWELFTH day of Christmas),

23 Girl (GAL-) comes across Norwegian pocket money (-ORE) (GALORE) in abundance (GALORE),

25 Looking back, vice-principal (deputy = dep = – PED) found payback (pay = YAP-) for what Alsatian did (YAPPED),

27 Whatever way you say it, it even makes a comedian (GAG makes a comedian) sick (GAG),

29 Caspar and his friends (Caspar etc = MAGI) are wise guys (wise men = MAGI),

30 What’s the point to one-way streets (ARROW) or war? (or war = ARROW),

31 A fool (a nit = ANTI) horribly out of favour (ANTI),

34 Not (NO T-) finding bottom (-RUMP) (NO TRUMP) in bridge (NO TRUMP),

35 Henry (-HAL-) I see (-IC-) is in Clare (C-E) (CHALICE) for communion (CHALICE),

36 Not old enough (NEW) to meet people in Denmark (ZEALANDERS) perhaps living further south (NEW ZEALANDERS).


2 Charm (ENCHANT) dubious eruption (Etna = E-ANT) over National Concert Hall (-NCH-) (ENCHANT),

3 Mass movement away from mayoress (mayoress missing ‘mass’ = YORE) leaves thoughts of long ago (YORE),

4 Have one’s work cut out (RETIRE) regarding (RE-) leading Irish country (country = -TIR-) to Spain (-E) (RETIRE),

5 Milk producer (MAMMAL) gets mother (MAM-) sick in France (sick = -MAL) (MAMMAL),

6 Common sense (NOUS) to take negative approach (NO-) to states (States = -US) (NOUS),

7 Ain’t it a (ain’t it a = TITANIA) fairy queen to the bard? (TITANIA= queen of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream),

8 Sign over premises (NEW MANAGEMENT) perhaps and over workers (NEW MANAGEMENT),

9 Dispatch (NEWS) controller (HEAD-) to bars (-LINES) (NEWS HEADLINES) for paperwork (paper work = work in paper = NEWS HEADLINES),

14 Laboratory protector (BELL JAR) ringer (BELL) for jam (JAR),

16 Prone to leave interloper (interloper without ‘prone’ = iterl = LITRE) for measure to sell milk (LITRE),

18 Looking back he (he = -EH-) is in pub (pub = bar = R-AB) – a place that doesn’t serve whiskey (no alcohol in REHAB),

20 Wonder (AWE) how we (-WE) got to American capital (American capital = A-) (AWE),

21 Express surprise (ha) with this is reckless (HASTY) for squealer’s home (STY),

24 Barrier (GATE) in sheltered side of wall (LEE) gets windfall (LEGATEE),

26 Girl (-ANNIE-) in public relations (P-R) (PANNIER) is a basket case on bike (PANNIER),

27 Irish love (GR-A) to take over computer software (-APP-) (GRAPPA) for drink (GRAPPA),

28 What the policeman said catching criminal (GOTCHA) giving request for tea? (got tea? = GOT CHA?),

32 A follower (‘a’ follower = ‘b’ = B-) at university (-U-) snoring (-ZZ) (BUZZ),

like a bee we hear (hear bee BUZZ),

33 Washington (WA-) and North Dakota (-ND) (WAND) get stick for hag (hag/witch has a WAND).