Crosaire No 14885 by Crossheir – Friday, September 14, 2012

Fri, Sep 14, 2012, 23:59



1 Make out cross initially (X = KISS),

4 Write up on computer (TYPESCRIPT) nature (TYPE-) words (-SCRIPT) (TYPESCRIPT),

9 Proposal (MOTION) to take it (it = -TI-) back in the moon (MO-ON) (MOTION),

10 Puts up a fight (INFANTRY) for young (INFANT-) republican (-R-) at end of July (end of JulY = -Y) (INFANTRY),

11 His (-HIS-) brief moment (-MO) on computer (MAC-) (MACHISMO) provides bravado (MACHISMO),

12 Four (-IV-) involved in questionable hard work (hard work = toil = T-OLI) (TIVOLI) following Dublin theatre (TIVOLI is a Dublin theatre),

13 In Paris, I (I = J-E) uncovered fourth (-IV-) (JIVE) dance (JIVE),

15 In (IN-) the end in Nice (end = -FIN-) it (-IT-) come to what I have (I have = I’ve = -IVE) (INFINITIVE) for an ordinary verb (INFINITIVE),

17 No understanding (INSENTIENT) for what’s sent (-SENT-) in in (IN-) Irish fire (tine = -IENT) (INSENTIENT),

19 Belt (SASH) from elite special forces (SAS-) leads to hospital (-H) (SASH),

20 Scattered (STREWN) songbird (wren = -REWN) at end of street (ST-) (STREWN),

22 Music collection (SONGBOOK) following publication (-BOOK) on Twitter (SONG-) (SONGBOOK),

25 Release (EMISSION) English leader (English leader = E-) with important assignment (-MISSION) (EMISSION),

26 Young horse (FO-AL) with alien (-ET-) (FOETAL) wasn’t born yesterday, today or tomorrow (FOETAL),

27 Does this mean church leaders (body of church elders/ministers in Presbyterian churches = PRESBYTERY) have house in order? (house of Roman Catholic parish priest = PRESBYTERY),

28 In short, attractive person (knockout = KAYO) lies low after this perhaps (after a punch you hit the floor = knockout = KAYO).


2 Prepared lotion is a (lotion is a = ISOLATION) needing ward in hospital (ISOLATION ward in hospital),

3 Common name (SMITH) for keeping American college (-MIT-) in the quiet (S-H) (SMITH),

4 Prepare tune (song = -ONGS) after tea (T-) (TONGS) for a bit of a picker (TONGS pick up bits and pieces),

5 Team up (PAIR OFF) to take pressure (P-) air (-AIR) off (OFF) (PAIR OFF),

6 Welfare (SAFETY) trap (NET) is great fall back on (SAFETY NET),

7 Restores (RENOVATES) Nevada city (RENO-) tax (-VAT-) key (music key = -E-) with direction (direction South = -S-) (RENOVATES),

8 Sparta leaves paper trails (paper trails without ‘sparta’ = peril = PERIL) for danger (PERIL),

14 Make a break (ELEVENSES) for 11 ses (ELEVEN SES),

15 Step up (INTENSIFY) covering flawed game (game = tennis = -NTENSI-) with unknown quantity (if ‘y’ = unknown quantity = IF Y = I-FY) (INTENSIFY),

16 Sees through everything (VISIONARY) perhaps in your dreams (VISIONARY),

18 What one means (ESSENCE) in getting from German (ESSEN-) to Clare (-CE) (ESSENCE),

21 Watch (TIMER) outside the range (TIMER on a range/cooker),

23 Fit (fit = -IFT-) to be tied in New York (N-Y) (NIFTY) swell (NIFTY),

24 Bill (a bill = B-EAK) swallows port (port side is Left = -L-) (BLEAK) from inhospitable area lacking vegetation (BLEAK).