Crosaire No 14884 by Crossheir – Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thu, Sep 13, 2012, 23:59



1 Fireman’s view perhaps (FLASHLIGHT) finding whip (-LASH-) in plane (F-LIGHT) (FLASHLIGHT),

6 Took advantage of (USED) confused girl (Sue = USE-) wearing diamonds (diamonds = D) (USED),

10 Hear made your (‘made your’ = MAJOR) position in the army (MAJOR),

11 Reportedly handle (Handel) backlist (back = Bach + list = Liszt) (COMPOSERS) for authors (COMPOSERS),

12 Timeline (SCHEDULE) puts revolutionary (-CHE-) in disastrous duels (duels = S-DULE) (SCHEDULE),

13 Pass the matter on (REFER) regarding (RE) iron (-FE-) resistance (-R) (REFER),

15 Church (Church of England = C-E-) with square (T-square = -T-) overlooking Peruvian city (-LIMA-) (CLIMATE) creates atmosphere (CLIMATE),

17 We hear Lee (‘lee’ = -LY) finally joined father (FR-) and hapless woman (she = -ESH-) (FRESHLY) for what’s recently done (FRESHLY done),

19 Is this what the old Greeks (to the old Greeks, water was an ELEMENT) put in the kettle (both water and heating ELEMENT in kettle)?,

21 Inflammation (SUNBURN) rubs nun (rubs nun = SUNBURN) up the wrong way,

22 Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = TE-) goes to devil incarnate (devil = imp = -MPI) (TEMPI) for musical paces (TEMPI),

24 Think of (REMEMBER) Bible studies (Religious Education = RE) subscriber (MEMBER) (REMEMBER),

27 It (-IT-) is in a twist (SPIR-AL) with you (-U-) (SPIRITUAL) for not being in the material world (SPIRITUAL),

28 Have a bit of a smirk (GRIN-) at German (-D) (GRIND) for such drudgery (GRIND),

29 Announced sight (‘sight’ = SITE) of it (IT) in southeast (SE) (SITE),

30 Burns (CHAR-S) goes over sketchy trace (trace = -ACTER-) (CHARACTERS) for personalities (CHARACTERS).


1 Celebrity (FAME) provides iron (F-E) grip on morning (-AM-) (FAME),

2 Grammar (ADJECTIVE) is related to sister (nun) on the whole say (whole = hole = o; nun+o = noun which is related to ADJECTIVE),

3 Needs a rider (HORSE) for shifting shore (shore = HORSE),

4 Take in (INCLUDE) what’s incorporated (INC-) at mismatch (match = duel = -LUDE),

5 Form of Flemish (Flemish = HIMSELF) for guy (HIM-) with character (-SELF) (HIMSELF),

7 Quiet (SH-) imp (-ELF) (SHELF) is one for the books (SHELF for the books),

8 Breaking down (DESTROYING) strange store (store = -ESTRO-) in ‘One Foot in the Grave’ (one foot in the grave = dying = D-YING) (DESTROYING),

9 Number of last station (number of last Station of the Cross = FOURTEEN) lines in sonnet (FOURTEEN),

14 Listen back for tests sign (‘sign tests’ = SCIENTISTS) for Boyle and Hamilton (SCIENTISTS),

16 Like a shot (shot = drink = APERITIF) if pirate (if pirate = APERITIF) sorted out,

18 Position in the home (HOUSEWIFE) for Dáil (HOUSE) partner (WIFE),

20 Slip in one side and out the other (THROUGH) as Middle Eastern (middle easTern = T-) hotel (-H-) comes across rough (-ROUGH) (THROUGH),

21 Effortless (SIMPLE-) to go right (-R) (SIMPLER) and easier (SIMPLER),

23 I’m in France (I’m = moi = MOI-) to meet saint (ST) (MOIST) providing it’s wet (MOIST),

25 It’s an illusion (MAGIC) to mix 101 (CI = -IC) with short supplement (magazine = MAG-)

26 Fathers (Dads = ADDS) amounts to (ADDS) this.