Crosaire No 14883 by Crossheir – Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wed, Sep 12, 2012, 23:59



1 American homestead (WIGWAM) turns heads at Posts and Telegraphs (PT = TP = tepee = WIGWAM) reportedly,

4 In my opinion (AS I SEE IT) it is in front of me (AS I SEE IT),

9 It’s a bit of a laugh being sorry (RUEFUL) for French street (RUE-) being nearly full (nearly FULL = -FUL) (RUEFUL),

10 Report request for knight (knight = sir = SUR-) to get up (-MOUNT) (SURMOUNT) to overcome obstacle (SURMOUNT),

12 Good-humoured ridicule (ROAST) has complaint (BEEF) for Sunday lunch (ROAST BEEF),

13 Friday (F-) draw (-ETCH) provides dog transport on call, perhaps (FETCH = call to dog to retrieve/transport stick/ball)

14 Baker makes (BREAD) sound (P-ING) covering stewed lemon (lemon = dud = -UDD-) (BREAD PUDDING) dessert (BREAD PUDDING),

18 Merchandise (STOCK-) owners (-HOLDERS) on top of warehouses (STOCKHOLDERS),

21 Providing Internet (Internet Service Provider = ISP = -SPI-) shift in account (A-C) (ASPIC) comes from mould (ASPIC jelly),

22 Maestro (A-CE) has wandering operas (operas = -EROSPA-) (AEROSPACE) for globetrotting travellers (AEROSPACE),

24 Only right (-R-) if (-IF-) in middle of assembled choir (choir = HOR-IC) (HORRIFIC) for what’s atrocious (HORRIFIC),

25 Careless (REMISS) about (RE-) not having a husband (-MISS) (REMISS),

26 Incredible (STUNNING) how mother superior (nun = -UNN-) is broken in heartache (heartache = ST-ING) (STUNNING),

27 Still and all, it isn’t (it is not still = TREMOR) a touch of the shakes (TREMOR).


1 Closet (WARDROBE) combat (WAR-) medic (-DR-) has out of body experience (Out of Body Experience = -OBE) (WARDROBE),

2 Old folks home (GREY AREA), perhaps, is neither one thing nor the other (GREY AREA)

3 Family man (ADULT) provides poster (AD-) for last month (-ULT) (ADULT),

5 Pompous person informally (STUFFED SHIRT) pushed (STUFFED) into Polo (polo SHIRT),

6 Influential work (SEMI-NAL) covers function (F-) (SEMI-FINAL) of leg getting to end of series (SEMI-FINAL),

7 It’s only fair (EQUITY) to go (-QUIT-) in middle of middle of September (middle of SeptEmber = E-) and end of January (end of JanuarY =  -Y) (EQUITY),

8 Your old way (T-HY) has the rest (-ETC-) (TETCHY) easily irritated (TETCHY),

11 Funny looking caution in end? (caution in end = DENUNCIATION) That would be telling (DENUNCIATION),

15 Dubiously enticed to (enticed to = DETECTION) find something out (DETECTION),

16 Who’s leaving housewarming (housewarming without ‘who’s’ = uearming = GERANIUM) for small shrub (GERANIUM),

17 Knows the value of (ASSESSOR) fool (ASS-) chopping up roses (roses = -ESSOR) (ASSESSOR),

19 Tom (Thomas = -THOS) followed graduate (BA-) (BATHOS) to a disappointing end going from sublime to ridiculous (BATHOS),

20 Brief comment (APERCU) from newspaper agency (AP-) preparing a raw colour feature (unbleached linen = ecru = -ERCU) (APERCU),

23 Sharp (SHEER) getting her (SHE-) to hospital (-ER) (SHEER).