Crosaire No 14882 by Crossheir – Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tue, Sep 11, 2012, 23:59



8 I’m (ME) in a car (a car = CA-ER) (CAMERA) remodelled for films (CAMERA),

9 Spicy (HOT) black stuff (COALS) goes red and glows in dark (HOT COALS),

10 Petitions (ASKS) for questions (ASKS),

11 Mindless loyalty (BLIND FAITH) providing window dressing (BLIND) perhaps beyond belief (FAITH),

12 Father (PRIEST) manages spin (PR-) that is (that is = i.e. = -IE-) on the street (-ST) (PRIEST),

14 Professional (PRO) to (TO) telephone (telephone = call = COL), reportedly, (PROTOCOL) on top of watching Ps and Qs (PROTOCOL),

15 Novel (A FAREWELL TO ARMS) note (A) to say cheers (FAREWELL) sticking to (TO) one’s guns (ARMS),

18 Not clearly defined (GREY AREA) in dull (GREY) neighbourhood (AREA),

20 Phenomena (EVENTS) to explain direction (direction East = E-) to passages (-VENTS) (EVENTS),

22 Similar to begin with 11 across (blind = VISION LOSS) and see (VISION) demise (LOSS)?,

24 Struggles (struggles = WARS) was (WA-S) over revolutionary leader (Revolutionary leader = -R-) (WARS),

25 King (HEAD-) of the jungle (lion = -LINE) reportedly is the main act (HEADLINE act),

26 Removed (ERASED) what’s in Red Sea (Red Sea = ERASED).


1 Dressing (CAESAR salad dressing) gets wiped out in middle of March (CAESAR was killed on the Ides of March – March 15th)

2 B, B, B and B (BEES),

3 Sheepish (LAMB) panic (STEW) is a mouthful (LAMB STEW),

4 Pedro leaves Aphrodite (aphrodite without ‘pedro’ = ahit = THAI) for Asian cuisine (THAI cuisine),

5 Raises dust (dust = STUD-) dotted (dotted = i = -I-) near old (-O) workshop (STUDIO),

6 Irish before the Famine possibly (POTATO RACE) get Fianna (fianna POTATO) to compete run (RACE),

7 What’s up (PLATFORM) getting French plate (plate = PLAT-) to materialise (materialise = -FORM) (PLATFORM),

13 Ahead of its time (EARLY), swallows (BIRDS) dinners before going out to play (eat before going out to a play/theatre = EARLY BIRDS),

14 Got to hand (PALM-) it to a (-A) (PALMA) Mediterranean island (PALMA),

16 Potentially strange (strange = foreign = FORGI-EN) taking in sign (Victory sign = -V-) (FORGIVEN) to get pardon (FORGIVEN),

17 What’s left of 9 across (what’s left of hot coals = THE ASHES) goes on ahead after pancakes (THE ASHES goes on a head on Ash Wednesday, the day after pancake/Shrove Tuesday)

19 How to treat New Year (RING IN New Year) for group (group = RING-) at home (at home = -IN) (RING IN),

21 In return (return = TURNER), produces shape of things to come from golf club (golf club = wood; from wood TURNER produces new shapes),

23 Tom, Dick and Harry (-MEN) are following round (O-) (OMEN) sign (OMEN),

24 It’s on the menu (WRAP is on the menu) at end of film (WRAP is at end of film).