Crosaire No 14881 by Crossheir – Monday, September 10, 2012

Tue, Sep 11, 2012, 12:02



8 Power (RUSSIA is a power) air (air = R-IA) lift back over us (-US-) with safety first (Safety first = -S) (RUSSIA),

9 Broad (broad/diverse = catholic (adj) = CATHOLIC) church (CATHOLIC),

10 Point (point = South = S-) at which old aged pensioner (-OAP) (SOAP) cleans up perhaps (SOAP cleans up),

11 Beach sucker (SAND HOPPER) gets spades (S-) and (-AND) can’t stand still (HOPPER) (SAND HOPPER),

12 Turn up (up = PU-) before ticket-seller (tout = -T OUT) (PUT OUT) for inconvenience (PUT OUT),

14 Ability to be insufficiently nourished (UNDERFED) undreamed of without Mao (undreamed of without ‘Mao’ = undreedf = UNDERFED),

15 Turns up in (in = NI = NORTHERN IRELAND) an island but not surrounded by water (NORTHERN IRELAND is on an island but is not surrounded by water),

18 It’s a bit sticky (ADHESIVE) to find he’s (-HES-) in a dive (a dive = AD-IVE) (ADHESIVE),

20 Have a go (TRY-OUT) to test potential (TRY-OUT),

22 Wife swapping (UNFAITHFUL) perhaps is not true (not true = UNFAITHFUL),

24 Break (TAME) morning (-AM-) in middle eastern (middle of easTern = T-) direction (direction East = -E) (TAME),

25 Bit of an ask (ask = S- KA) to cover Northern (-N-) Rail (rail = -RI LA-) (SRI LANKA) procurement from foreign country (SRI LANKA),

26 Negative response (NO-) is not foolish (-WISE), not at all (NOWISE).


1 Youth centre (centre of yoUth =  -U) puts an end to development of kudos (kudos = SUDOK-) (SUDOKU) for numbers game (SUDOKU),

2 French initially (RSVP) ask for answer (RSVP),

3 Old record of what’s said (CASSETTE) in case (CAS-E) test (test = -SETT-) is hidden (CASSETTE),

4 Quick look (SCAN) for school head (head of School = S-) at metal container (-CAN) (SCAN),

5 Printed (ETCHED) “He’d (-HED) come after” et cetera (ETC-) (ETCHED),

6 In the end, herb (PARSLEY) grows on farm (COW) often hiding in hedgerow (COW PARSLEY),

7 Mentioned every year in 20th century (every year in 20th century began with 19 = NINETEEN) is close to settling a score (score = 20; close to 20 = NINETEEN),

13 What’s on the menu (ON THE TABLE) in a way is up for discussion (ON THE TABLE),

14 The French (-L-A-) involved with a French (une = U-N-E) (ULNAE) arms structure (ULNAE),

16 Right (-R-) amount of Iranian currency (-DINAR-) in Offaly (O-Y) (ORDINARY) average (ORDINARY),

17 Unnerving (RATTLING) for regular army (RA-) races (-TT-) to be found at sea (-LING is to be found at sea) (RATTLING),

19 Have in mind (INTEND) for Edward  (Ted = -TE-D) to have some involvement in bed and breakfast (B&B = inn = IN-N-) (INTEND),

21 Finally, ask (-ASK) a French (a = UN-) Frenchman (Monsieur = -M-) (UNMASK) to bring it to light (UNMASK),

23 Coup (FEAT) has a distance to go (feet = FEAT) we hear,

24 Northwest (NW = -WN) coming back to (TO-) (TOWN) Mullingar (TOWN).