Crosaire No 14880 by Crossheir – Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sun, Sep 9, 2012, 23:59



1 Bad luck from broken mirrors and opening umbrellas indoors (OLD WIVES’ TALES),

10 Speak in tongues (LINGUAL) in a manner of speaking (LINGUAL),

11 Father (Rev = VER-) comes back making lime (lime = -MEIL) (VERMEIL) for silver gild (VERMEIL),

12 In partying (pARTYing) it’s a bit pretentious (ARTY),

13 It’s written below (INFRA) approaching a little in France (IN FRAnce),

15 I’m (-IM-) overwhelmed by counsel (BL = -L-B) (LIMB) coming back over branch (LIMB),

17 Piggy who to market (‘This little piggy went to the market …’ while holding a TOE) on foot (TOE),

19 In the end see (see = -EES) back to Einstein’s equation (E=MC2 = EMC) (EMCEES) for those who run shows (EMCEES = Master of Ceremonies and ‘MC’),

21 Dog (BITCH-) at day’s end (end of daY = -Y) gets spiteful (BITCHY)

22 This (THI-S) is about first lady (-EVE-) taking the stand without permission (THIEVES) perhaps,

23 Make certain (ENSURE) Titanic leaves uncertainties (uncertainties without ‘titanic’ = uneres = ENSURE),

25 Go (GO-) to it (-IT-) regarding (-RE) getting it in the neck (GOITRE is in the neck),

27 Not able to move (SET) after tea (tea) with various dishes (teaSET),

29 Course of action (STEP) on someone’s toes (STEP on someone’s toes),

30 Turns up bottom of ocean (deeps = SPEED) provides drugs (SPEED)

31 Catcall (MEOW), perhaps, gets me (ME-) to express pain (-OW) (MEOW),

34 Opening (ORIFICE) for duck (O-) if (-IF-) mixed in rice (-R-ICE) (ORIFICE),

35 Dedicated follower of fashion (HIPSTER) is (-I-S-) in crumbling Perth (Perth = H-P-TER) (HIPSTER),

36 Get tied in knots (OLD SCHOOL TIES get tied in knots) for group loyalty (OLD SCHOOL TIES are worn for group loyalty).


2 This fringe (LUNATIC fringe) doesn’t appear well (LUNATIC doesn’t appear well),

3 University of Limerick (-UL) goes to Washington (WA-) (WAUL) for 31 across (31 across = MEOW = WAUL),

4 Video tape (V-T) captures fluctuating loan (loan = -OLAN-) for what’s winged (VOLANT),

5 Cut off (SEVER-) sweetheart (heart/centre of swEet = -E) (SEVERE) from what’s dangerous (SEVERE)

6 Your (-UR-) position in motoring organisation (A-A) (AURA) creates atmosphere (AURA),

7 Melancholic (ELEGIAC) diverse champion (ace = E-AC) has reflected gel (gel = -LEG-) to hold ego (-I-) (ELEGIAC),

8 Old money (OLD AGE PENSION) perhaps for welfare? (OLD AGE PENSION),

9 Shabby (OLD) lad (BOY) with chain (NETWORK) helps out after school (OLD BOY NETWORK = informal support to those who were in same-school/college),

14 Predict (FORESEE) this predetermines (FORE-) perhaps bishop’s authority (-SEE) (FORESEE),

16 Look back at 1920s (RETRO) regarding (RE-) blight (rot = -TRO) correction (RETRO),

18 Father (Da = AD) takes a turn to give counsel (ADVISOR gives counsel) for Bill (bill = VISOR on a cap),

20 Podge abandons sheepdog (sheepdog without ‘podge’ = SHE) for her (SHE),

21 Need to be (BE-) Greek leader (Greek leader  = -G) (BEG) to ask for more money (BEG),

24 Decorated place is (place is = SPECIAL) exceptional (SPECIAL),

26 Surprising rate (rate = -EATR-) in the (TH-E) (THEATRE) show (THEATRE),

27 Address (SPEECH) for delivering what we hear (SPEECH),

28 Scientific knowledge (TECH-) has no answer (-NO) (TECHNO) to dance music (TECHNO = form of dance music),

32 Leaning towards (BIAS) Irish food (BIA-) before self-starter (start of Self = -S) (BIAS),

33 Runs hot and cold (runs hot and cold = taps = SPAT) on reflection for petty quarrel (SPAT).