Crosaire No 14879 by Crossheir – Friday, September 7, 2012

Fri, Sep 7, 2012, 23:59



1 Norma leaves modern day (modern day without ‘norma’ = dedy = EDDY) whirlpool (EDDY),

4 You’re looking at it (IRISH TIMES) at 8am in Dublin (IRISH TIME) and 9am in Galway (8am and 9am = two times in Ireland  = IRISH TIMES),

9 Violent attack (ASSAIL) leads to donkey (ASS-) trouble (-AIL) (ASSAIL),

10 Pick lock (FALSE KEY) from distorted (FALSE) solution (KEY),

11 In parts (EPISODIC), blockbuster (EP-IC) keeps me (-I-) on ground (-SOD-),

12 The law (the law = WEALTH) in a way provides an abundance of riches (WEALTH)

13 Wild duck (TEAL) goes to pieces in middle of deltas (deltas = elta = TEAL),

15 Life expectancy (DUST TO DUST) perhaps is just one bit of dirt to the next (DUST TO DUST),

17 Brother (BR-) right (-R) to cover own (-OWN-) nose (-NOSE-) (BROWN-NOSER), for obsequious person  (BROWN-NOSER),

19 Protest about (RAGE) painter (RA-) returning for example (e.g. = -GE) (RAGE),

20 Awkward (GAUCHE) as the Hague (Hague = GAU-HE) has the copyright (C) (GAUCHE),

22 Look out (SCOUT) Bill (LAW), this is loyal, courteous and has honour to be trusted (SCOUT LAW),

25 Sounds like pigeon (CO-O) flying over Dahl’s crazy first name (Roald = -LORAD-) (COLORADO) following American river (COLORADO),

26 It’ll only catch you looking at it (MIRROR will only catch you/reflect you when you’re looking at it) if you’re looking for a match (looking for a match/resemblance = MIRROR)

27 Mate (MY OLD DUTCH) belonging to (MY) rundown (OLD) Amsterdam (DUTCH),

28 Was (WA-S) admitting why (-Y-), reportedly, how things are done (WAYS).


2 Don’t hang around (DISAPPEAR) for Sidney (Sid = DIS-) coming back with a (-A-) priest (-PP-) capable of hearing (-EAR) (DISAPPEAR),

3 Yankee (Y-) devours (-EATS) (YEATS) Byzantium writer (YEATS wrote ‘Byzantium’),

4 In a way did (did = ID-D) cover the French (the = -LE-) for time spent doing nothing (IDLED)

5 Spreads disease (INFECTS) if combined with scent (if + scent = INFECTS),

6 God fearing (HOLY) drink (WATER) found in the church (HOLY WATER),

7 One (I-) near Clare (-CE-) grounds (-LAND-) comes back about (re = -ER) one who is up there in cold (ICELANDER),

8 Return (ELECT) damaged Celt (Celt = -LECT) to Spain (E-) (ELECT),

14 The barmen (bar men = lawyers) train here (LAW SCHOOL),

15 Cavort (DANCE) with joker (CARD) for list of potential partners (DANCE CARD),

16 Hire (hire someone = sign someone = SIGN-) a (-A-) conservative (-TORY) (SIGNATORY) for proclamation party (party to Proclamation = SIGNATORY),

18 Realise (SUSS-OUT) you and me (you and me = -US-) find old French currency (-S-OU-) on Street (S-T) (SUSS-OUT),

21 Green light (GO) hidden in any (ANY) (AGONY) torture (AGONY),

23 Exciting (OOMPH) come back to hire (hire purchase = HP = -PH) what sounds like a cow (moo = OOM-) (OOMPH),

24 Gave a toss (THREW) for past fling (fling in the past = flung = THREW).