Crosaire No 14878 by Crossheir – Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thu, Sep 6, 2012, 23:59



1 Revolutionary (RED) green (CABBAGE) turns blue when boiled (RED CABBAGE turns blue when boiled),

6 Sounds like it’s too (too = TO-) loud music (-FF) (TOFF) for upper-class gent (TOFF),

10 Divided country (KOREA = North and South) has nothing (-O-) to do with 1 down (1 down = RAKE + O = KOREA),

11 You (-U-) and Ryan (Ryan = -NARY-) make up parts in Lear (L-EAR) (LUNAR YEAR) nearly every 12 months (LUNAR YEAR is approximately 354 days),

12 On drugs (HIGH-), Lawrence (T.E. Lawrence = -TE-) goes to Switzerland (-CH) for best of scientific knowledge (HIGH-TECH),

13 Relative (NANNA) makes bread (nan = -ANN-) in America (North America = N-A) (NANNA),

15 Starts a fight (EN GARDE) following grenade (grenade = EN GARDE) blunder,

17 Disapproving pout (PO-FACED) approaching face (-FACE-) in pack (pack/herd of animals = pod = P-OD) (PO-FACED),

19 It holds stories together (BOOKEND keeps books in place) at conclusion (-END) of novel (BOOK-) (BOOKEND),

21 It’s not appealing (TURN OFF) to take slipway on motorway (TURN OFF motorway),

22 Horse around (RODEO) or (or = R-O) go back over poem (-ODE-) (RODEO),

24 Opposition leader (Opposition leader = O-) is (-I-S) admitting school punishment (-LINES- = school punishment) (OILINESS) is covered in lubricant (OILINESS),

27 For a change bring her a (bring her a = HARBINER) Herald (HARBINGER),

28 Slant (BEVEL) lawyer (B-L) puts on night before (-EVE-) (BEVEL),

29 Stylish (POSH) point of sale (Point Of Sale = POS-) fashion centre (centre of fasHion = -H) (POSH),

30 Holy man (ST-) inexperienced (-RAW-) finding tomato (tomato = -BERRY) (STRAWBERRY) for fruit popular in Wexford (STRAWBERRY)


1 Takes up grass (RAKE) in Marrakesh (in MarRAKEsh find RAKE ),

2 Odder (odder = DER-DO) setting around band (-RING-) (DERRING-DO) for have-a-go heroics (DERRING-DO),

3 Beginning of August (beginning of August = A-) was (-WAS-) high (-H) under water (AWASH),

4 Be convinced by (BELIEVE) evil  (evil = -LIEV-) transmutation in bee (BE-E) (BELIEVE),

5 Pushing (pushing = GUNSHIP) over high-flyer with weapon (helicopter armed with weapons = GUNSHIP),

7 Verse (ODE-) on (-ON) Greek theatre (ODEON),

8 Destroy temple (temple = fane = -E AN- F-) with father (-D A-) in fort (FOR-T) (FORE-AND-AFT) backward and forward at sea (FORE-AND-AFT),

9 Pass on (TRANSFER) frets (frets = T-SFER) over past run (past run = -RAN-) (TRANSFER),

14 Associate (MEMBER-) post (-SHIP) allows one to go clubbing perhaps (MEMBERSHIP of club),

16 Has a way with words (RHETORIC) to make her (her = RHE-) go to (-TO-) old-fashioned police (Royal Irish Constabulary = -RIC) (RHETORIC),

18 Turncoat (CROSSOVER) perhaps in bad mood (CROSS-) at an end (-OVER) (CROSSOVER),

20 Dead (D-) rough (-ROUGH-) summer shirt (T-shirt = -T) (DROUGHT) doesn’t hold water (DROUGHT),

21 Mythical flying sandals (TALARIA) breaks up alternative form (alternative = alt = TAL-) of opera singing (-ARIA),

23 Oh, either do it or don’t do it (DARES) for challenges (DARES),

25 Catch robber (NAB-) on outside broadcast (Outside Broadcast = -OB) for very rich person (NABOB),

26 Cunning plan (PLOY) parking (P-) learner (-L-) near Offaly (-OY) (PLOY),