Crosaire No 14877 by Crossheir – Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wed, Sep 5, 2012, 23:59



1 Old carriage (CHAISE) takes Ron away from China rose (China rose without ‘ron’ = chiase = CHAISE),

4 When not playing football (OFF-PITCH) not tuned in (OFF-PITCH),

9 On screen (WIPERS are on windscreens) ticket-holders, perhaps (WIPERS hold parking tickets),

10) Sounds like what knights wear going to battle (knights wear iron = IRONWARE) for domestic help? (IRONWARE = is of help domestically),

12 Chest pain (HEART ACHE) is all in your head (HEARTACHE),

13 Japanese spy (NINJA) in January (in Jan = NINJA) for a change,

14 Issued (issued = DIS-E-US) nothing (-O-) about court (-COURT-) (DISCOURTEOUS) that wasn’t anything but rude (DISCOURTEOUS),

18 Vitruvian man (Vitruvian man is SPREADEAGLED) reached out (SPREAD-) for bird (-EAGLE) with Penny (-D),

21 Australian (OZ-) has one (-ONE) for hole in Sky (OZONE layer in sky has a ‘hole’),

22 Not looking for a partner (FANCY-FREE) for whim (FANCY-) between appointments (-FREE = between appointments),

24 One who is clear thinking and sharp (INCISIVE) is (-IS-) fourth (-IV-) in Nice (Nice = INC-E) shuffle (INCISIVE),

25 Is (is = -S-I) donkey (donkey = mule = MUE-L-) (MUESLI) prepared to move around for dried fruit and nuts? (MUESLI),

26 Written in stone (LAPIDARY), perhaps, to go past (LAP-) exotic milk and cheese (dairy = IDARY) (LAPIDARY),

27 Ronald (-RON-) is in the (TH-E) (THRONE) king’s chair (THRONE).


1 Chews sod (chews sod = COWSHEDS) peculiarly for farmhouses (COWSHEDS),

2 Put up (put up = -RAISE) with following a (A-) priest (-PP-) (APPRAISE) under review (review = APPRAISE),

3 Build trust (trust = STRUT) for parade (STRUT),

5 Make do (FORCE-) with nursing (nursing = -FEEDING) recipe for foie gras (FORCE-FEEDING = duck/goose is force-fed to produce ‘fat liver’ = ‘foie gras’),

6 Problematic plan in use (plan in use = PENINUSLA) for land-to-sea project (PENINSULA is land that projects into a body of water),

7 Make an effort (TR-Y) to hold onto girl (-ANN-) (TRANNY) for broadcaster (transistor radio = TRANNY),

8 Has (H-AS) money in Japan (-YEN-) (HYENAS) for those with beastly laugh (HYENAS have a beastly laugh),

11 Mortification sickness perhaps (SCARLET FEVER) for Pimpernel (SCARLET Pimpernel) with a cold (FEVER),

15 Persecuted (OPPRESSED) fool (fool = dope = OP-ED) has breakdown taking over media (-PRESS-) (OPPRESSED)

16 On the outside (AL FRESCO) gangster (Al Capone = AL-) takes painting (-FRESCO),

17 Obsession in France (IDEE FIXE) for identification (ID = IDEE) near drug injection (fix – FIXE), reportedly,

19 Party (SOCIAL) of American spies (-CIA-) in French sun (SO-L) (SOCIAL),

20 Protector on foot (TOECAP) gets to (TO-) damage sleeveless cloak (cape = -ECAP) (TOECAP),

23 Clarify who you used to be before (‘you’ used to be ‘thou’ in the past = thou = -OUTH) end of July (end of JulY = Y-) (YOUTH) for Cleopatra’s salad days (Cleopatra said of her inexperience and youth: “My salad days, when I was green in judgment.” = YOUTH).