Crosaire No 14876 by Crossheir – Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tue, Sep 4, 2012, 23:59



8 Ring a bugle (a bugle = BELUGA) for white whale (white whale = BELUGA),

9 Straightforward (EXPLICIT) broken catch (catch = clip = -PLIC-) in the way out (EX-IT) (EXPLICIT),

10 It really happened (TRUE) for Turkish leader (Turkish leader  = T-) on French street (street = -RUE) (TRUE),

11 Play around with charades in (charades in = SEDAN CHAIR) single-seater (SEDAN CHAIR),

12 Confused (IN A FOG) in a mist (IN A FOG),

14 The older brothers (older term for brothers = BRETHREN) in the family (BRETHERN),

15 Classic drink (dated term for a drink = REFRESHER) with meal (COURSE) provides way to learn lessons again (REFRESHER COURSE),

18 Goes by airplane (flies = FLYS-) reportedly to get kiss (-PECK) that is contemptibly small (FLYSPECK),

20 Require (NEED-) the French (the = -LE) (NEEDLE) to get on someone’s nerves (NEEDLE),

22 As good as it gets (DREAM) with wife (LOVER) is nightmare (DREAM) with mistress (LOVER),

24 Maris piper (SPUD) turned up (up = -PU-) in South Dakota (S-D) (SPUD),

25 Gene (GEN-E) that has nothing (-O-) to do with detectives (-CID-) (GENOCIDE) is death for a lot of people (GENOCIDE),

26 Back out of (RENEGE) revaluating Greene (greene = RENEGE).


1 Hear (hear = -EHRA-) shift in bible (NT = T-N) (TEHRAN) coming back over in Asian capital (TEHRAN),

2 Really confident (SURE) this is some sort of ruse (ruse = SURE),

3 Trader strings them (trader = butcher = strings SAUSAGES) Americans (USA = SAU-) around with wise men (-SAGES) (SAUSAGES),

4 Sounds like few would (few would = few’d = FEUD) have a never-ending argument about it (FEUD),

5 Peg’s (Peg’s = SP-GE) desperate to put cover on (-ON-) (SPONGE) cake (SPONGE),

6 Traveller’s check (LIGHTHOUSE is a check for ship’s travellers on the seas) perhaps for bright (LIGHT-) residence (-HOUSE),

7 These keep you apart (DIVIDERS) and never bring you together (DIVIDERS),

13 Warning (FORESHADOW) cry of course (FORE = a warning called to people in the path of a golf ball) with silhouette (-SHADOW),

14 A bit of luck (to get a BREAK is a bit of luck) in snooker (a BREAK is the accumulating score in snooker),

16 Built up (ENLARGED) devastated Edward (Ned = EN-D) around what is massive (-LARGE-) (ENLARGED),

17 The sort of carry on (carry on = CON-RARY) with cat’s tail (tail of caT = -T-) (CONTRARY) that is irreconcilable (CONTRARY),

19 Clare (CE = EC-), in around about way, has hiding place (-LAIR) (ECLAIR) for something sweet (ECLAIR),

21 The next thing to a ban (ban = bar = next thing to a ‘bar’ is a LOUNGE) is to do nothing (to LOUNGE around is to do nothing),

23 Judgement (VIEW) that is (that is – i.e. = -IE-) in the way of the car (V-W) (VIEW),

24 Put words to music (SING) what is wrong (SIN-) with force (G force = -G) (SING).